PyWeek - Somnambulance - feedback

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2 2 3

A little short and unpolished.. This game needs more levels, more farms and more other stuff :)

1 2 2

Nothing happened int the game, no farms to blow up and the other laser didn't do anything.

2 4 2

Nice production. The game play is too simple. More challenge would help.

1 3 2

Very very short.

1 3 1

Nothing to do, really, never crossed something to shoot at

1 1 1 yes

If you use a very exotic library, please include it with your game.

2 4 3

Very nice graphics and sound. Please keep evolving this game.

2 3 2

Looks like the beginnings of what might be a decent game, a UFO obstacle course. Right now, not enough levels. BTW, the number pad was hooked up upside-down.

2 3 3

eh, I didn't even see any farms (or twisters) until I turned on the debug option, then there were like, 2, and a few twisters.

The instructions cracked me up though.

1 2 2

this game, it is finished?

1 2 1

installing lxml was hard.

1 3 1

Nice start. Sorry to see it wasn't finished.

2 3 2

2 3 2

Short level. Only two fields? Alright game idea.

3 3 4

The idea is quite good, basic gameplay is there, too - but just one level with 2 farms isn't enough, even for a small game. I hope you'll finalize it later, I think it would be fun.

2 3 2

There is not much fun in this game... it has a lot of potential, but in it's current state it definitely needs more content (e.g. enemies?). The controls for moving the UFO are also to sensitive, in my opinion..

2 2 2

some nice original ideas but wasted in
a poor implementation where nothing really