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Wow it's frustrating to get one wrong when you have to repeat 9

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Decent idea, and the implementation showed promise, but rather lacking in

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The controls were difficult to get by while playing the music. Encounters should be rather close! :)

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I was really excited about this game when I saw the screenshot and read that it involved playing back sounds, because I thought that it might have interesting gameplay similar to, say, Loom. I think I was hoping that I would have to play certain sounds in order to destroy alien ships in a sort of action game. But realizing that it was just a version of Simon was a little disappointing. Aside from that, you did a good job on production.

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The graphics were nice, but this game hasn't been fun since I was 3 years old.

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bip boop bip bip beep. Great sounds!

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Simple, but well executed.

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classic Simon's game

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Maybe you shouldn't have music in the background. It distracted me from the alien sounds.. Then again, my roommate was cursing at his computer right next to me, so I'd rather blame him than the music. Nice memory trainer. :)

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a fun memory game.

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Nothing personal - I just don't like this kind of games. Repeating and repeating

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I think it needs more speed and to be less demanding (I done only one mistake. ONE MISTAKE and it ends). I have done mistake not because I forgot it, but because I mist it.

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I like it! The challenge-response concept has been done, and commercialized, so it's not new by a long shot. But I really liked the alien vs. me for the fate of the earth back story, so I boosted innovation a notch. It's such a simple game anyone could have done it in plain colored rectangles... yet you managed to polish the aesthetics beautifully, which superbly demonstrates you can spit shine just about anything given the skills and passion. I find myself wishing you had thought of a way to make it more fun than single-player Simon(tm). But just as it is, very nicely done. :)

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Polished but not very innovative... nice sounds.

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unplayable and uninteresting anyways

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Classic. I never owned one of those toys so it was cool to try it out for once.

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Extremely cute aliens and excellent polish.

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Nice graphics.

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Not very engaging, sorry.

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I thought the challenge level was just right, although I wish I could have chosen my starting stage after the first time, because the first level is too tedious to play through again.

3 5 3

Pretty fun overall; it's a bit repetitive at the start of a round but it quickly gets more challenging and interesting. It sounds and looks really great, which is fitting for a game where you have to memorize sounds :)

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