PyWeek - turn off the garage - feedback

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2 2 2

The graphics are good, and it works well enough, but really isn't very interesting yet.

2 3 3

Missing: Tetris sound track hehe

2 2 3 yes

Disqualified because it has nothing to do with the theme as it is.

I found the game a bit difficult and annoying because I don't have as much control over the blocks as in tetris. The main thing I am doing is deciding whether to break or not to break. The actual rearrangement of fallen blocks is boring.

3 3 4

Addictive game and nice gameplay.

2 3 2

no sound

3 3 4

Interesting idea, but it feels a bit lacking in gameplay. More variety in
block effects would help.

3 3 3

The game as is seems incomplete.

1 2 3 yes

I could not move any blocks around

2 3 4

This was a nice concept to change the game of Tetris, but I seem to be having some problems on a mac. If I press "p" the game pauses and crashes. Clicking on the blocks doen't always work so it was a bit frustrating, but if the bugs were worked out I would probably be as addicted as I was to Tetris.

3 4 3

Really good start -- Would have loved to see the mutating blocks.

1 3 4

Hm. I could not get the blocks to break up or drag around. Like mouse clicks were being ignored. Thus, no fun to be had.

Interesting variation on tetris, so I gave a bonus mark for innovation.

1 3 2

the mouse actions did not work most of the time

3 3 2

Very pretty, but not enough of a game. The winning strategy seems to be to break up all incoming blocks and then rearrange the single-tile blocks that land to clear rows.

1 2 2

I think something doesn't work. When I click block above the line, they occasionally break up. But most of the time they don't do anything. If I try to drag them below the line (either before landing or after) nothing happens. This limited the "fun" aspect :). The idea is somewhat interesting although it does not have much over Tetris. With more, interesting mutations it could have been cool though.

3 3 3

nice game
some sounds would be nice ;)

2 2 2

watching blocks break apart is kind of fun?

2 2 3

According to the readmi you'll add some kinf of block mutation. I would appreciate it since current game is not very related to the theme, block explosion is hardly linked to it...
You should also increasy the difficulty of the game, since exploded blocks 1-sized are so easy to put everywhere...

1 3 3 yes

Doesn't work as advertised for me -- clicking has no effect. (MacOSX 10.6, Python 2.7, PyGame 1.9.1).

2 2 2

Very tetris-y!

2 2 3

The idea was interesting, I hesitated between "About average" and "Above average" for the innovation mark. In the end, I chose the former because your game doesn't really include anything fitting the theme.

1 2 3

i had no fun. could get a challenging game.

1 2 2

It's not a bad game idea, but I didn't have a lot of fun with it. The controls seemed buggy. If I clicked on a block on the right-hand column and tried to drag it to the left, I could only drag it about halfway across the play field. And it seemed inconsistent about whether I could pull a block that had other blocks on top of it. There also didn't seem to be much strategy. Just make sure to click the blocks before they fall below the line, and then move them from tall stacks to short stacks. I think I would have liked to see it with the other ideas you had planned. I hope you stick around for next time!

1 3 2 yes

Unable to click the blocks, therefore couldn't really play the game. Scored according to graphics, etc.

2 3 3


2 3 4

Breaking works properly?