PyWeek - This is science, please! - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
3 3 4

no sound?

2 3 2

The lights out effect was superb, but then the second level didn't live up to expectations.

3 4 3

Nice intro and art. I would have given you a higher production score if you had included sound
and music. It is perfectly acceptable to use public domain sounds and music. It's short, but I
can tell you worked on the art (noticed an box in the lab)! It would have been nice to
have an indication when shots hit the flying thing (sounds), but that is ok. Overall, a solid
start. Look forward to seeing your game next pyweek.

2 3 3

Basic idea isn't bad - needed a lot more gameplay to shine.

3 3 2

Please reduce the text size

2 3 3

Fun: The visual style was fun. I was interested in seeing where the game would lead. The
bug-vs-scientist action was not very fun. I could not win versus the bug, and this obstacle
made the game very short and robbed me of any further fun to be had. Innovation: I could not
really judge this aspect because I could not see much of the game, and the readme background
would be provided in the game. What content I did see looked in-theme. Production: The
dialogue moved a bit too fast sometimes. I couldn't tell how well I was doing against the flying
bug, except that I was taking damage and eventually lost the fight. It is too bad I could not get
past the bug. I don't normally quit easily, but there seemed to be no way of winning.

3 3 1

Really mad...

2 2 3

Too short! It seemed like an end of level boss without the level. Don't see the point of the
obstacle in the first room, I almost gave up because I didn't know how to get out. Good graphics
but could have done with some sound.

2 3 2

It is like the first minute of a nice action adventure game. Excellent cut scene!

3 4 3

Too hard.

3 4 4

I like the graphics a lot and it is fun

3 3 2

unfinished, what a pity!

4 3 2

Nice graphics and effects! Although it was a bit difficult to jump over the box when you doesn't
see anything.