PyWeek - Rts-fans (Boilersuit) - feedback

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3 3 4

I'll knock your head into your stomach!

2 3 3

Nice music and graphics. The general game mechanics don't really seem very innovative, but the insult thing is fairly unique. However, I didn't really enjoy playing it all that much, sorry :(

3 3 3

funny monkey island twist. do guys pee to make water resources?

4 3 3

I really like RTS. The insult/comeback system is great monkey island feeleing. :)

3 3 3

Had some troubles with the controls.

4 4 3

Another fun game!

2 2 2

The game would probably be more entertaining if it were realtime, and I also found most of the insult dialogue quite uninteresting (not even close to the Monkey Islands). A nice idea though.

4 4 3

Graphics, music and gameplay are all good! Only criticism - the insults aren't very insulting. Except when it called me 'Perl' :).

4 4 3

cool game

2 3 2

What a weird theme!

4 3 4

An interesting concept for a game. Very funny method of fighting :-)

2 2 2

i couldn't make it past the highscores list. the game idea is a little recycled from the monkey island.

3 4 4

Interesting concept for a game, and it bashes Perl. Graphics are cool and immersive. Sound effects are great.

2 4 4

GOod looking, works fairly well, no outstanding bugs. Not fun to play tho, way to frustrating, sinc eyou don't seem to beable to defeat anyone till you level.

2 4 2

Quite frankly, I don't think Insult Fighting works in this setting...

Having to hit Enter every 4 moves is also rather annoying.

2 4 2

The idea for this game sounds pretty odd and unique, but it is of course already seen in the
Monkey Island series of adventure games. Even some of the insults are taken directly from MI.
Alas, this game isn't as good as Monkey Island. The game is a bit clunky as it is turn based. I
think a real time version where time stopped during fighting would've been a better solution.
I felt some of the insults had several clever answers, of which only one was the right one
though, which was a bit of a bummer. The story for the game is probably a bit too long for a game
like this, although I guess it has some nice irony to it. The game has some moody background
music, which is nice. The graphics are also pretty good. I would've hoped for better use of the
theme. Collecting coal and water is pretty dull especially when you can't find any (the same
goes for the enemies).

2 3 3

Impressive that you got that much out of so few lines of code.

3 3 4

Nifty concept. Could use more polish.

3 4 3

nice graphics and music :)

3 3 3

Quite an impressive looking game.

I found it a bit slow going for my taste, but it looked like it had quite a lot of depth.