PyWeek - Roly-Poly Samurai - feedback

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3 2 3

A little tricky, and lacking polish, but a nice skill game.

3 2 3

Sorry, I ..... am ..... die in your game.

3 3 3

quite fun and very very difficult

2 3 3

Either i'm totally incapable or your game is really really hard to play. Besides that i like the idea and your implementation. The graphic style is simply but appropriate (i like it). Maybe some day i get the samurai higher than 300 :)

2 2 2

hard to play

4 4 4

I really like how simple this idea is and yet how effective it is. It's difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's very fun. Music and sounds also fit very well with the game, and the graphics are also good despite the fact that it could've used a nice background. It would have also been nice to see a jump charging bar. This is the sort of game people would love to play on their cellphones to pass the time, though I suppose that would only work on touch-based phones. Add a cool background, some more polish, a few new features, and you're done, you've got a great "cellphone" game based on a simple yet clever idea. Excellent work.

2 3 3

Nice idea, but it's extremely hard. Also the mouse works the opposite way to what my instincts keep expecting, which doesn't help.

4 3 4

Fun little innovative game. I really like the visual feedback of the previous heights. I think there were a few frustrating physics based bugs that could have been fixed to make the game more fun (and less challenging!) .

1 2 2

I found it far too difficult. And I rarely seemed to be able to jump after my first.

2 4 4

Nice graphics and sound! I found it impossible to play, however. I think some mouse sensitivity controls might help.

4 4 4

Damn hard but interesting enough to keep me trying.

3 2 3

Pretty funny, pretty unforgiving.

1 2 2

I couldn't get a hang of the controls

2 2 3

The controls felt backward, but maybe it's just me. It took me like 10 tries to make it to the second platform, but once I did I got the hang of it and got up to 732. The roly-poly samurai is kind of cute, but other than that, I wasn't really entranced.

1 3 4

great but too hard for me

1 2 1

Not fun at all, uncomfortable controls, nothing new and not that good graphics.

2 4 3

Infuriatingly difficult, but entertaining all the same. I got to the second stick once, maybe I'm just rubbish...

1 2 3

Needs lots of work on the gameplay.

2 2 3

Didn't manage to get any height. Some instructions on how to play would have been nice.

2 2 2

nothing special, it means you can sell it on iphone and get richer

2 2 4

Cool idea but I found it too difficult to control.

4 2 4

Arg! This game is going to get addictive!

1 3 3

The gameplay is not very intuitive, please also use the skellington next time.

3 3 4

A neat little game you've got here - though I found it tough to balance with the mouse.