PyWeek - Steam of the Colossus! - feedback

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2 3 2


2 3 3

Reasonable production, but unless I just don't get it, this game seems impossible to win. Got quite frustrated, so lacking in fun a bit. Pretty good aside from that.

3 3 3

Man, it's hard not to get fried. Nice little game.

3 3 2

Pretty fun.

3 3 2

A reference to Shadow of the Colossus, eh? The game's not bad - it's overall solid work, though it seems almost impossible to win.

2 3 2

too simple for a game - making it quite boring after a minute

2 2 2

not a very big game

3 4 2

This was really, really hard. I could never bash even the first four boilers without dying!

2 4 2

Very nice pixel graphics, but is the level really beatable? :)

3 3 2

nice game.

3 3 1

nothing interesting really. :(

3 2 3

I thought this was a fun game but too confusing and difficult to play.

2 3 3

A nice looking game, recalling Burgertime and some old text-mode sprite games. One thing I couldn't figure out is bashing; I thought I had bashed all the drums, but nothing happened. I'm not sure what bashing means.

3 5 3

Very pretty, and tighly coded, but, there doesn't seem to be a way to dodge the steam vents. so It seem simpossible to win.

4 4 3

Nice little game. For expansion, I would suggest more levels, with similar, but different, chalenges.

4 4 3

This is a difficult game! Very well made though.

3 3 3

This is a pretty ok game I guess. The graphics are nice, and it's pretty challenging. The
problem with the challenge though is that it's the same every time. You are given a strict time
limit to destroy the boilers of a colossal steam powered robot. After you destroy enough (I
think about three out of eight) of them, the robot explodes. Then you do it again. I guess it's
fun the first time, but the fun is pretty short lived.

3 3 3

Simple but kind of neat. Very hard. I can't beat the first level. Thanks for all the hard work
with the hosting.

3 3 3

Too damn hard! ;)

3 4 3

the first level was a bit too hard! i couldn't beat it.

3 3 3

Cool game!

Very nice graphics, and nice sounds. They blend in well.

I liked the game play.

Some more levels would be cool. With different steamers, and different ladder configurations. Maybe even a scrolling level for the advanced stages.

Well done!