PyWeek - Reubos & Archmage - feedback

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2 2 2


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you could have added pyganim to the zip file (it was not difficult to find it) because now id does
not run out of the box no readme!

3 3 3

I liked the goofy storyline. You implemented some kind of cool mechanics, I just wish you had
done a little more with them. Also it would have been nice if you had included pyganim along with
your source.

2 2 2

I couldnt defacate ... !

2 2 3

Some install instructions and requirements would have been nice.

I managed to get outside the level a couple of times, which resulted in odd behaviour.

It felt like more could have been done with the elements of the game

A game over screen would have been a nice touch, as the ending was a bit abrupt.

1 2 1 yes

No instructions whatsoever in the ZIP file. No license information. Unless you have
permission from Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel, you're breaking the rule 6 of the contest
(I can't believe what I just wrote). Installed latest pyganim (it's just putting
in the game directory!). At some point I jumped out of the screen and had to restart the game.

3 3 3

Short and sweet. I appreciate that you managed to make several levels, and even play around a
bit with gameplay.

2 2 2

I can't figure out the blue blocks level.

2 2 2

A repetitive and boring game with a gimmick that gets old pretty quickly.

2 2 3

No readme+weird dependencies= -1 production.

1 2 2

I guess the music was okay. Couldn't complete any of the levels. Jumping didn't seem to work
correctly. Not really digging the concept or seeing the relation to Nemesis.

2 3 3

Very short, not so fun, with tv stars. I think you can do better than this game.