PyWeek - ReekenX Game Lab - feedback

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3 3 3

Nice job.

3 2 2

The bare bones are all there for this to be fun, but it needs juice.

3 3 3

Not bad, although limited gameplay.

Connection to the theme could have been clearer.

Controls were very fincky, which was annoying at times.

2 3 2

I don't know if it's just me, but this game seems really hard. I must have played 20 times and I
never made it very far. I do like your sprites and the controls are good and the pacing kept me
interested even though I kept dying.

2 3 3

Too hard for me :(

5 4 3

Works well, clean design, and most all; difficult but fun, you make me want to give it another
try. Well done!

3 2 2

no sound and sfx, also your game is not winnable.... I killed all enemies but the game does not
end. And where is the theme 'aftermath'?

3 4 3

great jobs! The game is a little hard for me, sometimes it did not move quicikly when change the

2 4 3

Very hard. Also the game wouldn't close, I had to close the terminal to end it

3 2 3

Nice but rather hard to play game at least in the beginning of the game where you have to find a
weapon. There also is this bug where the enemies will see you through walls and start shooting
at you. Regarding the look of the game, there could have been more, better graphics and some
audio would have made this game much better.

2 2 2

simple game, simple graphic and no sound. very hard to beat (why you didn't put any element for
health recovering?) and not related to the theme. for the next time i would like to see
something more :)

2 2 2

I found the gameplay to be irritating and repetitive. There should have been health packs
since there are so many enemies. In addition, the enemies can spot the player through walls..
Also, there's no sound or music.