PyWeek - RC-47+1 - feedback

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2 3 4

Small complaint - cocos is so easy to include it really annoys me that people don't include it.

Graphics are nice, and the wall jumping is interesting. It feels very incomplete though.

2 2 3

Running games benefit even more from intense music that most genres. Also it would've helped your fun and production scores if you had made sure that the hit box for buildings matched their visual size and shape.

2 5 3

Love the graphics/animation. I can see a lot of effort there. Really think with a bit more time you could be onto something. Look forward to seeing it further down the line. Many thanks!

2 3 3

Sharp graphics. I like the acrobatic running concept, but the controls still felt kind of loose. Maybe too much momentum while changing running directions.

2 4 3

This definitely has potential to be fun, but it feels a bit incomplete. I know it was the time constraint, but the main problem is that it lacks a real challenge to this game other than just running right and occasionally jumping on buildings for fun. Also, you'd expect that a running game would be fast-paced, but this game feels a bit too slow. The graphics look very good; I like the whole feel of it. (Was that a Moe's I saw? :))

3 2 1

It seemed like it would be fun until you realise it's easy to get away from the smoke monster and you're not really going anywhere. The collision detection doesn't match with the graphics.

2 2 3

The animated figure was really nicely done -- better backdrops and smoother controls might have lifted the production score to above average. Looks like it might have made for an interesting game with a little more time to work on it.

3 5 3

The art is very nice, and I would love to see the game completed. I liked trying to jump onto the scenery even if I couldn't really achieve anything.

2 4 3

I want to play this game when it will be complete.
Really liked the human-shaped smoke...

2 3 2

- not really motivating over a long period of time
- no highscores etc.
- no return to the beginning except closing and opening the game again

4 5 3

I really liked the art style of the game. The game itself doesn't have much depth or variety yet, but the wall jumping is already quite fun. I'd be interested in seeing further development of the idea.

2 3 2

I kept getting eaten by the smoke monster until I asked for help. Then it quickly got boring.

2 4 3

Just when I'm starting to have fun I keep getting told Game Over for no apparent reason whatsoever.

3 3 3

Had a lot of fun jumping around doing wall jumps. Great art style. The physics could have used a little more work. Jumping off the walls was fun but was unable to use the momentum of running fast to cover large distances between buildings :(

2 4 2

Really stylish! Unfortunately there's not that much of a game. All you do is run to the right, after all. The controls were a bit wonky. I found it hard to jump off lampposts.

2 3 3

numpy used, but not in requirements;

Nice graphics. Nice stuff with climbing. But... But what I should do instead of just running. Running, running, running, running and a little more running.

1 2 1

Cool art direction! If only there was a game to go with it :).

2 4 3

looks quite nice but it does not feel like a game sadly..

3 4 4

If there's a win condition, I didn't manage to find it, so the game got a bit tiresome after a while. I'm not really very good at games requiring reflexes, and the apparently random building layout made it almost impossible for me to jump onto the tops of buildings. Thus, I ended up mostly just running along the ground until it stopped being interesting.

With some background music and some extra interactions (maybe more enemies to dodge?) I can see this being a lot more fun.

2 4 3

Nothing very special, but I like the graphics at least ;-)

2 3 3

Hey. I'm sorry I marked your game 'below average' for fun, but it ran so slowly on my old laptop (2005-era Thinkpad T60), about 5 frames per second, that I couldn't really play it well. I couldn't get up onto any roofs, no matter how I tried.

3 3 3

This would make a really nice game if you developed it further. For now, it's a solid proof-of-concept.

1 4 1

Good art style, but missing gameplay other than "running right" and "irritating wall jump".

2 3 2

I liked the artwork, but the smoke monster is too slow. After a while I ran back to get killed by him, mostly out of a desire for *something* to happen.