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2 3 3

Weird little game, but in a good way. I have no idea how to win, but I have to say that the sounds are
pretty charming. :) Also, the general just phased through the wall.

3 2 3

Not bad, despite its simple appearance. I liked the idea of having a hazard that doesn't kill
you outright, but you have to heal from it before you can do anything useful. With a few levels of
increasing difficulty and some more hazards, I think this could be a pretty complete game. It
was a little buggy, once or twice the ambassador clipped out through the wall, but I gave an
extra production point for that music! Really good use of the source material, too.

2 2 3

The chair didn't always work for blocking the door.

2 3 2

The controls were pretty uncomfortable to use -- next time use one interaction key! ;)

2 2 3

Cool music :O … controls were a bit frustrating, having to tap keys instead of holding them.

2 2 2

Cool use of the theme and I liked the music! The control scheme was really fiddly and it was hard
to make the general go where you needed him to go. A few sound effects would also have helped make
it clearer when you were picking up or losing health / strength.

2 2 2

Woot on making a nice, simple game!

3 3 3

the steering was a bit hard, seemed that the general had much momentum...

2 3 3

Awesome soundtrack, but overly simplistic graphics hurt the production score.

Concept is OK, but the movement mechanics feel very odd, and the reponse is extremely
sluggish, which hurts the gameplay

2 2 3


1 2 2

Movement seems to be very erratic.

3 3 4

well, I am not sure I get the author's idea, I can not pick up the chair...