PyWeek - Grossini's Vacations: "Ritmus Locus" - feedback

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4 4 4

I always enjoy playing your teams games :)

3 3 3

liked the idea

2 4 2

A bit of a letdown. Graphics really good, but gameplay is broken: even when following the patterns exactly as heard, most of the times they don't register. And where's the theme? I guess you could say it's a twisted world you're using or that you twist the objects. You were close to DQ.

3 3 4


3 4 4

fun and addictive :)

4 4 5

Crazy, fun, creative game! Very hard, but I like it. :)

3 5 3

Short, simple and sometimes frustrating game, but very well-produced and very funny in parts.

4 5 5

Grossini is awesome. :) Excellent idea for the game. In my opinion, this game beats both previous ones, it just could be a little longer. Story and cutscenes are great.

1 1 1 yes

Seems to require Numeric, but there's no documentation.

3 3 3 yes

My sound doesn't work.

1 1 1 yes yes

It's not nice of you to use "numarray" that isn't supported by python 2.5, although i really wantd to see your game.

Python 2.5 is here, use it, don't make me install deprecated stuff...

3 5 5

Amusing absurdist game, it made me laugh a lot. It seemed quite CPU intensive and would benefit from some optimizing. (I tried it first on my older slower system because I didn't want to downgrade to Numeric, but it didn't even come close to keeping up with the requested rate.)

3 5 3

The game production is really nice. The gameplay could be improved. Sometimes I feel I am perfectly synchronized with the sounds but still don't get success. Other times I feel that I get success randomly.

3 4 4

Neat game! Great graphics! Yay, also a neat gameplay idea, but it didn't really tie into the theme that well (in my opinion)
I took a point off of production because of the stuttering audio. On WinXP, a good way to fix it is this (before pygame is inited):<br/>
pygame.mixer.pre_init(22050, -16, 1, 2048)
I played up until the magician's room level, I was nearly complete it. Then my system blue-screened and now I'm afraid to even start up the game. That's not very fun, so I took off some fun points.

2 3 4

This game should have some warning for the rhythmically-impaired. Quite an original idea :)

2 3 4

I think the game was a bit hard..

4 5 5

Amazing stuff. The faster rhythms are obscenely difficult to get right with mouse/keyboard though (I suspect SDL's event handling isn't up to the tolerance you've set it at).

3 3 2

Some of those rhythms were pretty unforgiving.

3 3 3

the lady is far heavier to solve than the others in the same level

4 5 4

Excellent game. Thanks!

4 5 4

Nice idea for a game. Great production.

3 4 4

It could be my mouse (and my keyboard?), but I only finished the first level. That was a little frustrating..

2 3 4

Bs As always innoving.

2 5 3

The idea is nice, but the game gives little clue if you are matching the clicking with the rythm (no, the star/cloud is not enough), so I wasn't able to enjoy it. Graphics, sound and music are superb

3 5 4

Nicely done, and quite challenging in places!

2 4 3 yes

ran it first time, it quit after the intro, no errors shown. Ran it again and clicked during the intro, was shown the main menu, but any menu item crashes the game with the following error:

$ python
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 23, in <module>
File "/home/bjorn/Desktop/pyweek/ritmuslocus-0.3b/lib/", line 846, in main main_menu() )
File "/home/bjorn/Desktop/pyweek/ritmuslocus-0.3b/lib/", line 93, in run
File "/home/bjorn/Desktop/pyweek/ritmuslocus-0.3b/lib/", line 432, in process_events
items = self.items()
File "/home/bjorn/Desktop/pyweek/ritmuslocus-0.3b/lib/", line 414, in items
p = self[ev]
File "/home/bjorn/Desktop/pyweek/ritmuslocus-0.3b/lib/", line 407, in __getitem__
key = item._source
AttributeError: event member not defined

2 3 4

I don't like very much. I am not drummer

4 4 3

Very fun to play, a little bit short,
good team production. Hilarious cutscenes.

3 3 4

It's fun. Sadly, I think is hard to play.

2 3 4

Surreal as always. Had a crash when trying to quit.