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Thought the game had a lot of good hard work and thought put into it. It runs smoothly and very well. However, I seriously don't like collect-em type games.

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I really like your game idea and story, but whenever I played, the controls would become so
unresponsive I couldn't enjoy it. The display would become jerky, showing my car at random
angles and positions. I was never able to make it to the city in the northwest without falling in
the water, even if I never seemed to leave the road. It also crashed on me a couple of times. And
this was all using the new version.

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Vista bad for opengl 3?

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "run_game.pyw", line 14, in <module>
import main
File "C:\Users\saluk\Downloads\pyweek6games\dnw\Robo-T2\lib\", line 28, in <module>
import gamescene
File "C:\Users\saluk\Downloads\pyweek6games\dnw\Robo-T2\lib\", line 3, in <module>
from carlayer import *
File "C:\Users\saluk\Downloads\pyweek6games\dnw\Robo-T2\lib\", line 25, in <module>
from segment_generator import RoadSegment
File "C:\Users\saluk\Downloads\pyweek6games\dnw\Robo-T2\lib\", line 83, in <module>
class RoadSegment( object ):
File "C:\Users\saluk\Downloads\pyweek6games\dnw\Robo-T2\lib\", line 87, in RoadSegment
map = parse_map.get_map()
File "C:\Users\saluk\Downloads\pyweek6games\dnw\Robo-T2\lib\", line 208, in get_map
return MapParser().parse(data.filepath(fname))
File "C:\Users\saluk\Downloads\pyweek6games\dnw\Robo-T2\lib\", line 55, in parse
map = self.process(self.svg)
File "C:\Users\saluk\Downloads\pyweek6games\dnw\Robo-T2\lib\", line 93, in process
map += self.process(item)
File "C:\Users\saluk\Downloads\pyweek6games\dnw\Robo-T2\lib\", line 91, in process
map.append( relement( rshape, relement.mapColor, map ) )
File "C:\Users\saluk\Downloads\pyweek6games\dnw\Robo-T2\lib\", line 19, in __init__
self.visual = visuals.Polygon(shape.points, self.texture)
File "C:\Users\saluk\Downloads\pyweek6games\dnw\Robo-T2\lib\", line 105, in __init__
self.tessellated = tess.tessellate( polypoints )
File "C:\Users\saluk\Downloads\pyweek6games\dnw\Robo-T2\lib\", line 36, in tessellate
WindowsError: exception: access violation reading 0x00000008

1 2 2 yes

no chipmunk

2 4 4


3 4 4

Fun, but could have been a lot more fun with ... I dunno... I just found I was dying a *lot* out on the road so I just avoided the road which was annoying.

4 4 4

This was pretty neat - I loved being able to drive around the map. I did find it to be rather difficult in that I have no idea how to heal my car, and I can't go very long without getting hurt somehow, and it seems I have to kill a lot of cars to make progress at all. However I probably would have played a lot longer, except I kept gettting an error anytime I'd go near the top middle city:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 15, in <module>
File "c:\development\pyweek\PyWeek6-OtherEntries\problems\Robo-T2\lib\", line 329, in main
File "C:\development\pyweek\PyWeek6-OtherEntries\Robo-T2\lib\cocos\", line 182, in run
File "C:\development\pyweek\PyWeek6-OtherEntries\Robo-T2\lib\pyglet\app\", line 263, in run
File "C:\development\pyweek\PyWeek6-OtherEntries\Robo-T2\lib\pyglet\app\", line 62, in run
File "C:\development\pyweek\PyWeek6-OtherEntries\Robo-T2\lib\pyglet\app\", line 83, in _timer_func
File "C:\development\pyweek\PyWeek6-OtherEntries\Robo-T2\lib\pyglet\app\", line 187, in idle
File "C:\development\pyweek\PyWeek6-OtherEntries\Robo-T2\lib\pyglet\", line 675, in tick
File "C:\development\pyweek\PyWeek6-OtherEntries\Robo-T2\lib\pyglet\", line 282, in tick
File "c:\development\pyweek\PyWeek6-OtherEntries\problems\Robo-T2\lib\", line 364, in step
File "c:\development\pyweek\PyWeek6-OtherEntries\problems\Robo-T2\lib\", line 296, in step
p1 = path_l.center_points[left[1]+1]
IndexError: list index out of range

Great production values though, I love the crazy style of it all. great job!

3 3 4

The game slowly eats my RAM (otherwise I would have given it extra points in production). Otherwise than that, it looks interesting. Aiming is a bit hard, but perhaps that's part of the game. And multicrashes situation have weird physics.

4 4 3 yes

The game is great but it have an error.

[manuel] [~/Desktop/pyweek6-games/Robo-T2]$ python
GC 165
GC 4852
GC 2780
GC 18
GC 1186
GC 28
GC 1379
GC 2915
GC 2559
GC 7739
GC 143
GC 962
ALSA lib pcm_dmix.c:924:(snd_pcm_dmix_open) unable to open slave
python: pcm_params.c:2259: snd_pcm_hw_refine: Assertion `pcm && params' failed.
Cancelado (core dumped)
[manuel] [~/Desktop/pyweek6-games/Robo-T2]$

3 5 3

README should have pointed out that chipmunk could be compiled from the lib chipmunk directory for those of us not running windows; I discovered it on my own but it wasn't even in the readme as a dep or anything.

Now for the gameplay: driving the car was a little frustrating (hard to go straight/ follow the road). Production was excellent though, story, music, everything, nice work.

2 4 2

nice graphics

3 4 2

Nice graphics!

1 1 1 yes

File "C:\Pyweek6\Robo-T2\lib\",<br>
Line 36, in tessellate gluTessEndPolygon(t)<br>
WindowsError: exception: access violation reading 0x00000008

5 5 5

Loved it. Very hard, needs some way to save progress. I enjoyed the expansiveness of the world, and laughed out loud at the great artwork.