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ehhhh, nothing special

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C:\Users\Expert\Downloads\pyweek\a-patchwork-orange1\a-patchwork-orange1>py -3.6 Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 1, in import
patchworkorange File
line 10, in from patchworkorange.core.minigamemanager import MinigameRegistry,
MinigameManager File
line 4, in from patchworkorange.core.adventuregraph import PreRequisiteList File
line 1, in import yaml ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'yaml'
install pyYAML Requirement already satisfied: pyYAML in c:\program files
(x86)\python35\lib\site-packages (3.12)

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two bugs: a wrong image format (jpeg instead of png) and a UnboundLocalError: local variable
'WINDOW_SIZE' referenced before assignment other than that, it was well done.

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What a tour de force. I had trouble getting it going, but it was worth the effort. I had to figure
out it needed pyyaml, and install it. Then I had to manually download animation (didn't have
git) and install it. But apparently that was part of the game! I had to prove my stuff by breaking
in! :)

Then I ran into a bug and it crashed. Missing modernoffice.png. But I saw modernoffice.jpg is
there, so I hunted down the references and fixed them to use the jpg.

Then I ran into another bug and it crashed.

File "C:\cygwin64\home\bw\dev\python\download\competitions\pyweek25\^py3\a-pat
self.screen.blit(ic_sfc, (WINDOW_SIZE[0]//2 - ic_sfc.get_width()//2,

UnboundLocalError: local variable 'WINDOW_SIZE' referenced before assignment

Well, I could experiment with window sizes, but my progress was lost. Seeing I had a lot to steps
to retrace, and no assurance my kludge window size would work, I decided I had seen enough to
score it. Although I would still like to see the ending!

As I see it, lots of culture and period references to chuckle over, and retro minigames to
conquer. You guys did your research, or you're showing your age! :) This was a fun ride. I'm
fairly impressed by all those minigames. Thanks, guys.

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Well, I'm not very attracted to the game but the game still looks pretty nice. Btw cool dude

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It must be fun if you never saw classic games before. Got multiple crashes when playing.

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Kept crashing due to missing assets. :-(

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I got it working by cloning Github, but still encountered many reproducible crashes. The
style and setting here is fun, but there wasn't really any challenge in the minigames.

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pygame.error: Couldn't open C:\Users\******\pyweek
entries\a-patchwork-orange1\patchworkorange\assets\images\modernoffice.png It
looks like the file was supposed to be modernoffice.jpg

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'import animation' error.

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I got an error “couldn’t find modernoffice.png” so I converted modernoffice.jpg to png and
seemed to work. Was kind of fun for a while, but then I got stuck in the maze: it seems like the
distance the character moves with each step doesn’t match the size of the holes to get through,
so you get stuck and can’t progress any further. I kept trying for about five minutes to get
through one of the holes and then gave up.

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Looks like the game is importing something that does not exist.

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At first, I couldn't pass first event of game which is go to work. Showed error: pygame.error:
Couldn't open /a-patchwork-orange1/patchworkorange/assets/images/modernoffice.png
But after downloading it from GitHub, it worked until the maze section. It was extremely hard
to move and I could not move the square into the holes. After I finally passed that part, it went
back to the map and it crashed. Here is what it said: "libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect
sRGB profile INFO:orthographic:scrolling too quickly. redraw forced
WARNING:orthographic:pyscroll buffer redraw"