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ImportError: No module named six.moves

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Even unfinished, you achieved a lot of things on the universe and the gameplay. Congrats' !

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Hexagonal map is very cool looking and seemed to work ok. Too bad you didn't get enough time in

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I know you ran out of time, it looked like a good start, though.

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Too bad it's incomplete, it looked interesting.

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How did you guys work in the theme, I guess the maze/map is one room?

I like the 2.5d appearance of the hex tiling. The tiles are nice quality, and appealing colors.
The game pieces dropping from the sky and bouncing to rest was very cute. :D

There were some artifacts in the rendering engine. Also, the avatar getting stuck on
obstacles is a frustration. I'm sure you would have overcome these eventually, given enough
time. And these can be easily overlooked if they don't interfere with gameplay and story.

Overall, what apparently hurt you was a lack of time to focus on gameplay, story and content. In
reading your diary, I see I'm just confirming what you know. I hope you'll have your engine
ready for next time, which will afford more time to devote to the missing aspects that will make
it fun to play. It looks promising!

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Sadly not very much of a game. But a very interesting idea to use a hexagonal playing field.

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Hope you learned some new techniques with this game, nice use of assets.

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Looks like quite a promising game in the making. Graphically it looked very nice and I liked the
way the objects dropped and bounced into place. The control scheme was a bit fiddly because of
the hexagons - it meant you had to always go diagonally. It looks like you could have some
interesting puzzles with the various switches and enemies. Looking forward to seeing how
this develops further.

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Not really a finished game. Basic walking around maze, dodge some pretty easy-to-dodge
enemies and get to pieces of your space ship. Bit like a tech demo I guess. I liked the hexagon
maps, looked cool and I guess this could form the basis of a proper game if given more time.

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It's not fun to play, completely uncreative, and come to think of it, doesn't even connect to
the "one room" theme. Also, the readme is inaccurate and doesn't mention a dependency.

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Can't install python library required.

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I can tell that if you had more time, this could have come out with a lot more polish - that said, I
can tell where you were going with this and it came out pretty well! I laughed at the placeholder
text and the little message a couple levels after - this was actually the level I got stuck on, as
the spaceship part I was gathering was hidden/stuck behind (right above technically) one of
the wall pieces. The randomly generated mazes are pretty cool, but it would have been nice to
see them more fleshed out - a lot of the time, the gates/floor sensors didn't aid me and served as
more of a cute little gameplay bit that would have been awesome if it made more sense within the
level it was placed in.