PyWeek - PyedPypers - take two - feedback

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4 4 4

I like it, even if it is another bug-swatting TD. You need to look up what a "tutorial" is!

5 5 4

Wow, this game is incredible. Congratulations. I had a lot of fun playing this game and the idea works well. The graphics are very nice, and I appreciate having those sounds and music on this game. I had to give up after playing for a long time because I have other games to judge and, while I could defend myself with towers, upgrading warriors to become good enough to get to the nest was hard. A game like this is hard to balance, and I think you did a very nice work on that, but it could use some more balancing for a post-Pyweek version. Anyway, you kept me entertained for quite some time. Excellent work.

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please, do a postcompo version!<br>

2 3 2

Controls felt a bit unnatural. I liked the retro music!

5 4 2

Best tower defence game I've seen so far, though its still tower defence. I did hit a minor snag though - I was using 20 workers when I got my towers upto the enemies nest, at which point I was hitting them so fast that not even the burrowing once could get underground. As there was no way to remove some workers I was kinda stuck, until I found the lawnmower button, though I did then have to rebuild all my towers!

2 2 2

Took rel3, since it is already sent past the deadline (though only a few minutes late). Yeah, balancing was a serious issue in this game.

Maybe some caps or a "evolution tree" could be set so the player doesn't spend all his money in a single thing that's not going to be useful. The exponential nature of pricing in this gmae may take one off-guard.

5 4 3

very good game

4 4 3

I usually don't like tower defense games but this one is nice.

4 4 2

Whew, what a battle -- and that was only on the easy setting!
I have some doubts about the balancng. The enemy's level seems
to increase far faster than you can upgrade your own units --
is that intentional?

2 3 2

Offense is a nice touch, but my warriors always get defeated way before they get to the enemy.

4 3 3

Interesting game of two-way Tower Defense but it feels, irunno. I didn't really feel satisfied with the gameplay.

5 5 4

The best game I have currently played.

2 2 2

Will interesting, thank you !

4 3 3

Fun & a time suck.

4 4 3

One of the best! :D

3 2 3

Even though the graphics are best not spoken about, the game is fun, challenging and somewhat innovative. I managed to do medium without the emergency weapons, but will probably not try hard.

1 3 2

3 4 3

Not much to add, score speaks for itself ;)

4 3 2

Pretty fun. Framerate was a little slow on my lappy, though.