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I know it's just a tech demo, but, still, you get points for making me lose the game. It went something like this: "Oh, hey, a demo, I can shoot at bricks, whee! Ok, now, let me read the instructions... don't harm the skyscraper... doh." :) Anyway, tech demo is neat, would've liked to see what you would do with it.

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It worked, but not really much of a game yet. I think it could have been quite fun. Cursor is almost impossible to see.

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Looked a promising concept. I would still like to see the game.

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I am not sure if this is anyway related to theme. But if was an exercise, it was good one for you.

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Easiest variant of Breakout I've even played. ;-)

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theme? goal?

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Neat. How about if the brick pattern wasn't displayed, so only the gaps and holes are outlined?

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I enjoyed tearing down the building! There's something beautiful about a stream of gunfire, and PyWeekMan's motion made it prettier. I love how the bricks flew.

As you say, I had to imagine the awesomeness. How unsatisfying! I hope you plan to continue development. :)

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Shame that you couldn't finish this. ;)

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Will see in the future...

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Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 352, in <module>
File "", line 341, in main
level.draw( screen )
File "", line 268, in draw
shot.draw( screen )
File "", line 73, in draw screen, self.m_color, self.m_position, self.m_radius, 1 )
TypeError: integer argument expected, got float

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i really like the idea of putting the destructable 2d env.. but i was wondering why the bricks dont fall down when there is nothing between them and the rest of the building.. with that addition it would have been awesome.

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i couldn't find nine times anywhere in it

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Not a game.

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Too bad you couldn't get this done. I could give you at least some innovation if your demo had
anything at all to do with the theme!

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Would have been cool to see the full game. :)

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"Don't destroy the building" Yeah, right...

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this game has no relevance to the theme

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Looks like it could have been interesting!

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Nice tech demo, it would have been nice to see it complete :)