PyWeek - The Trobadour Incident - feedback

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Moving really difficult. I get that you are walking along the strands of the web, but I kept getting stuck without really any indication why....

3 3 4

Interesting game. Loved the set. Many thanks!

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This is fun. Despite using traditional elements, I like how you used them to make the whole package not so traditional. There are two main problems with this game, in my opinion: the movement is clumsy and I don't seem to be getting XP. It would be nice if you instead of stopping everytime you try to go outside the web, you slide in the adequate direction. I like how there's some strategic feel to this game and not just shooting. There's the fact you have to hit a moth near a web to catch it. It forces you to time your shots and try to find out where to move to best catch your prey. It could have more of that strategic feel, though (maybe if I were able to get XP?). Anyway, overall, I like it.

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It was quite hard to move around the web quickly enough

2 3 3

Liked the concept. Manoeuvring around the web seemed rather clumsy which made the game not particularly fun for me. It the controls were sorted out if might become rather cool.

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Interesting idea, but the controls are frustrating.

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Nice idea. Controls were annoying.

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Damn that slow spider and those perverse controls!

Seriously, WASD works OK for rotate and move in first person, or up-left-down-right in absolute directions. For rotate and move in directions relative to a rotating player viewed from a fixed angle, it's awkward.

Apart from that, I like that this game is unusual.

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The spider movement would have been more fun if you allowed more dynamics.

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Game becomes a little boring once you level up your abilities... probabily needs some balancing. And I often get stuck on the web corners when moving, you have to improve the spider movements

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At first I liked the idea of motion being restricted to a web, but this turned out not to be so fun.
It took the spider so long to get between parts of the web, if you got at all far away from the
lantern, you were toast if any moths appeared on the other side - there was just no way to catch
them. Also the spider often gets stuck if you're not facing the exact right direction. Why not
automatically correct the direction instead of just not moving? I got like 2 points before
losing a few times. The game was way too hard. Then I realized you could just park yourself over
the lantern and catch all the incoming moths. Then the game became way too easy. However, no
matter how many moths I caught, I never gained any XP. I don't know if this was a bug, but it made
things pretty boring that I could never upgrade. I quit after like 11 points.

2 2 1

There are some nice visuals but it's all very unfinished. The XP is a lie! :)

2 2 3

Moving around is incredibly frustrating and much too slow. This game might start to be fun if the spider moved fast enough to get to a moth before two more hit the lantern and if choosing a web strand to run along was easier than having to rotate to /just/ the right angle.

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Somehow I didn't earn any XP :/

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not very fun.

2 2 4

I'm not very good at this

2 3 3

The controls really held this back. If you could have found a way to let the player move along an edge if they ran into a wall, it would have smoothed the gameplay to a wonderful sheen. The rotate/move forward paradigm of control is also a wonderfully obtuse system, and just moving the directions you press would be better.

2 2 3

I winced when I read "tower defense", but the game is a bit different than that.

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Incredibly difficult, when a moth appeared at the other side of the lantern from the spider I wasn't even close to being able to reach it in time.

2 3 3

Needs a better control scheme for moving the spider -- it's far too slow and tedious.

3 3 3

A solid entry. Thanks for the game!

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Good idea, but I had trouble moving the spider around. I understand that it's supposed to walk on the threads but I often got "stuck" when I tried to take corners. Is there any way to get XP? I've peeked into the code and I didn't find anything that would ADD to xp. The game has potential, but with the strange movement and being unable to try any powerups, it wasn't so much fun to me. Oh, and I like your graphics.