PyWeek - Trobadours - feedback

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Nothing happens when I run the game. Linux 32 bit. I had to kill the process to get it to stop.

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2 2 2 yes

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "./", line 4, in <module>
File "/home/godfryd/PyWeek-10-finals/pw10_trobadour/Terraformancer/gamelib/", line 729, in main
level = Level( level1 )
File "/home/godfryd/PyWeek-10-finals/pw10_trobadour/Terraformancer/gamelib/", line 561, in __init__
self.init_level( )
File "/home/godfryd/PyWeek-10-finals/pw10_trobadour/Terraformancer/gamelib/", line 564, in init_level
self.spellbar = SpellBar( pygame.Rect(SPELLBAR_TOPLEFT,SPELLBAR_SCROLL_SIZE) )
File "/home/godfryd/PyWeek-10-finals/pw10_trobadour/Terraformancer/gamelib/", line 100, in __init__
self.texture_rect = rect.copy()
AttributeError: 'pygame.Rect' object has no attribute 'copy'

3 3 4

nice concept.

2 2 4

It was difficult to grasp exactly how to shift the land properly. However, very innovative concept.

2 3 2

Graphics are a bit tiny. Princess didn't seem to know what to do when the guy reached her the
first couple of times I played. (Maybe she just doesn't like the idea of following a drunk guy?)

4 4 4

This whole game is very ... retro (but at least it is consistent about it). The music is makes it work for me.

4 3 4

The challenge level was certainly good. It took me three tries to get it. The controls were a little frustrating, having to keep clicking back and forth to cast different spells. I would like to be able to select spells with the keyboard.

2 2 3

I like the concept.

2 3 5

Intresting idea, liked the ground moving thingy, uncomfortable controls, nice graphics

2 2 3

Looked more fun than it actually was. Had to disable the sounds to get it to work, but this could be a problem with my pygame installation.

3 3 4

Cool entry. It's always nice to see entries that try something new. You should take this one to Pyggy.

2 3 3

good but time is too short.

3 3 4

It's a little short but sweet.

4 2 4

Nice little game.

3 2 2

A simple concept lovingly implemented. It is a bit clumsy to play (I do not think the "To Princess" scroll adds anything other than frustration) and the production is as simple as it gets, but it has personality.

1 2 1

frustrating in a non-funny way

3 3 4

After coping with some issues connected with the pygame version, I've finally managed to play the game. Understanding what the game is about happened to last for a minute or two, but the idea behind the game was quite cool. There were some problems in clicking everything quick enough to win the game. Perhaps using the keyboard to choose the spell would be more pleasant. However, it was quite nice to play.

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Great idea!