PyWeek - One Man Show - feedback

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Despite being a relatively simple shooter game, this was fun while it lasted. It's decently
put together, with the intro, star effects, and everything. I saw your design document and it
would be cool if you had time to implement all of those stuff! Sorry to hear you got the flu at the
beginning of the challenge. I hope next time you get more time to complete the game as you

2 4 3

not sure what the real goal was of this game (I asume to destroy all asteroids... but where is a
desicion to make?), mabe I didn't get it... Also maybe a not which python version is needed
would have been nice.

3 3 2

Shot the last asteroid point-blank. Bad idea.

3 3 3

Nice, I like the style. The fact that I had to be parsimonious with my shots was frustrating at
first but it made for a good challenge once I got the hang of it. Once I hit two rocks with one shot.
That was pretty good. My best score was around 10,000. I forgot that when you destroy the last
rock a bunch more would spawn immediately.

3 3 3

Simple yet fun, nice particle effects!

3 4 2

It feels a lot like space invaders - which is always fun, especially with the stars and particle
effects. Running out of ammo was unusual, but more of a frustration than a source of variety. I
guess you didn't get as far as adding the oxygen/food features that would make "The Lesser of
Two Evils" theme really work.

2 2 2

8 bit nostalgia.

3 3 2

Quick to see all the possibilities. It could have gained in originality with a better use of the
pyweek theme. Good consistent retro look. When dead, it's still possible to shoot.

1 3 2

need more variety

3 5 3

I thought this entry was really cute but I wanted more! The game ran beautifully and looked

1 1 1 yes

I think this project should be disqualified. It goes against the spirit of the competition.

3 3 3

Woohoo, high score 13,900!!! This game had everything, even retro-style graphics with
several colors hand-made in Germany. :D Not bad at all for a first Pyweek and a solo. Thanks for