PyWeek - Super Effective 16 - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
4 3 3

My favourite thing about this is that the monsters don't actually kill you. The focus is on
running and the fact that they impede you in that is more appropriate. It's the kind of thing a
lot of people wouldn't think to do.

4 4 3

avbin version should be mentioned! had problems with it on win7

4 5 3

Excellent sound and graphics. Liked the creative spells and enemies.

4 5 4

Awesome as always! I wouldn't have minded some even more powerful powerups. I've maxed out
everything and I have 12 extra scrolls, but the boss still fries me before I can even put a dent in

4 4 4

Promising platform game. I find combinations of keyboard and mouse control poorly suited to
laptop touchpads, which made the game more awkward to play than was ideal, but overall it's
quite entertaining.

The list of abilities and unlockable enchantments was quite nifty.

3 3 2

Apparently there's an AssertionError when you press a number and you don't have the spell. Not
innovative, but a nice weird platform-shooter. Good job!

2 2 1


4 3 3

I had fun blasting stuff with spells, but the gameplay felt a bit too rough and ready.

4 4 4

I really like the scroll collecting enhancment buying part!

4 4 3

Controls need rethinking -- too cumbersome to switch spells in the heat of combat (which is all
the time). Also need stronger spells. Shields don't last long enough to be useful; magic
arrows need some spread so you don't have to aim so carefully; etc.

5 5 4

Great concept of being chased by your nemesis. I felt genuinely scared at times. Music, sounds
and level style all combined to create the atmosphere.

Given more time, I wish the game had been balanced more, I felt like the green spiky balls were
unfairly strong - or was I just using the wrong tactics?

3 4 4

The enemy behavior is frustrating and unfair at times, but it looked nice and played okay.

5 5 4

very funny game, i like there are a lot of items to unlock, the graphic and the music are cool,
good work!

3 4 3

As usual, very good production value from you guys. I think that energy regeneration could
have been tweaked somewhat as you quickly find yourself running out of energy before too long.
I'm finding many games from this PyWeek which would be extremely successful in the mobile
market and this is no exception. Well done!