got the basics going

Spaceship Spaceship SPACESHIP!


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basic shot.png
got the basics going
richard 2014/05/12 12:48
warp speeeeed - YouTube.png
warp speeeeeed ...
bobsmith 2014/05/11 11:07

Diary Entries

We're off to a start of sorts ...

Quote: "It's 9pm and I don't know where my enemies are"

( ... because they're the same colour as the background)

Also this happened:

Meanwhile I'm currently dealing with a seg fault. Such joy.

Signing off,
Private Robert J. I. Smith

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Some progress today

Today there was not much time for PyWeek but I did spend some time thinking about how to make a 320x240 game playable on a modern computer. Pixels have to be magnified!

I experimented with cocos2d but scaling pixels up in that is tricky thanks to OpenGL artifacts. Also, sadly, 64-bit Windows users wouldn't be able to play the game :(

So I settled on the brute-force pygame.transform.scale approach seen in today's screenshot on the right. It works OK and a 800x600 window is playable - it also works in fullscreen on a lot of computers (most, I imagine), allowing even more scaling for free. I think I'll stick with that and get more content into the game tomorrow night.

Also tweaked some of the graphics, reducing them down to 16x16 tiles and sprites (from 32x32). I still have to settle on a colour palette though I think I'm leaning towards the Commodore 64 palette... but then this more modern 16-colour palette is quite an improvement...

Edit: I've just noticed that the screenshot is huge ... I think because I captured it on a retina display so it's 4x the resolution it should be :-(