PyWeek - Flight of the Pink Elephant - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
4 3 4

+ Love the sound effects! Delightfully silly.
+ Interesting gameplay.

- Difficulty massively increases when any of the villagers catch you.
- Unpolished. Zero UI, no game over condition.

2 2 3

Interesting game. Had a few issues initially getting it running. Liked the funny elephants, particularly the leg movements! Many thanks!

4 4 5

Awesome concept, although short. The theme of the game is really cool. Very fun to trample over the village. It's cool to see the cannibals trying to catch you, though once you know how to beat the game, there's almost no challenge (even though I played it twice after I found out how to beat it :)). Those music and sounds made the game much nicer. One of my favorites if you disregard the length of the game. I would definitely like to see more of this (with more things going on in the game, not just more levels). Excellent job.

3 3 3

Nice concept but there wasn't really a proper ending. Quite short, impressive 3d though. Nicely done.

3 3 4

Really fun central concept. Fun rating would have been higher if there had been more to play. :)

4 4 4

I liked this a lot. It's nice that you can still get free when you have cannibals all over you if you persevere. Trampling things is very satisfying.

Minor annoyance: sometimes there seem to be off-screen huts which you can't really do anything about because you can't see them. Once I had the pink elephant wander off-screen.

5 5 4

Really cool idea. I love the sounds.

2 4 3

Please go on working on this.

4 3 3

Very cute game.

3 2 4

Heh, cool

3 3 4

Loved the art style. Great blocky art.. the elephants look so cute.
The game play was solid.

3 3 4

Instructions could be improved -- took me a while to figure out what I was able to do.

3 4 4

Good work on this one!

5 3 4

Appropriately silly and loads of fun. Running around outside the screen is a bit odd, but gleefully stomping on natives more than makes up for that. Fantastic game.

4 3 4

I love the blocky graphics, I love trampling the cannibals and their huts (the knocked down trees are just collateral damage). Too bad you didn't have more time for that game.

3 3 4

Says there's something wrong with my AVbin when really music.ogg just doesn't
exist. Segfaults after a few seconds -- removing the sound code stops this.

It's a bit frustrating -- once you get a few ropes, the game really starts
slowing down. And when you eventually free the pink elephant, you don't even get
rewarded by a victory screen. The latter could certainly be improved upon.

5 4 4

Incredible funny game! Had hard times till I realized that the cannibal houses could be smashed.

4 3 4

That was surprisingly really cool. I love what you did with blocks. The game was really challenging, thanks to the way the AI worked. Good job with that. It was a bit too slow-paced for me to want to try it over and over. Maybe with different levels of difficulty, this could be a really complete game.

4 5 4


3 3 4

It is so cute when the pink elephant starts following you around.

2 3 3

I think 3d hurt the game a little bit (I am not sure).

2 3 3

A bit challenging. I wish there was a gameover screen though, it's irritating to spend so much time struggling with a few guys holding onto you.