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Interesting idea to emulate a hardware console (if I understand correctly!). I'd be
interested to see how this goes in the future!

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Love the idea of this running in Micropython. With some random level generation this would be
fun on the PewPew device.

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I think it's a shooting game, designed for some low-res embedded hardware from Adafruit or
something. As it behaved on Linux, I never felt like I was shooting, and there were about five
other guys (bad guys?), and then eventually there weren't. I was totally unclear on what was
happening. Maybe it's neat if you have that hardware?

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It's nice to see a game for an alternative console.

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Okay this was interesting. I definitely want to look more into this hardware project. It's a
bummer you could not make it a little more into a game.

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I did not understand how to play

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I guess you had a few basics going … I was able to walk around and shoot at everything that moved
until it was just me, walking around in my small space. It took me a bit to figure out that I needed
to press the z key to shoot, but I figured with a name like “pew pew” there must be a key to shoot.

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not sure what I had to do, no instructions no sound or music its really a minimal moving a block
around and shooting ('z' key is not so ideal because its at different places on different

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Doesn't do much :(

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I think it's really cool that you designed something that could be played on a 8x8 grid. I love
games with such severe constraints. When I first started it up, I was actually able to tell what
was me and what was a monster, and that's something. Unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to
shoot. The source code suggests it should be O, but it doesn't do anything that I could see. A
readme would have helped here. So, obviously it wasn't much of a game experience.

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I may have a different impression if the game works on the actual handy machine.

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