PyWeek - Petras Zdanavičius PW 19 - feedback

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2 3 5

Creative idea. Very interesting mechanic. Unfortunately the best strategy seems to play it
safe and go for enemies in the corner, trying to avoid multiple bounces as much as possible. I
think it would be great to encourage more daring moves. Maybe bigger enemies don't kill you
right away, and there are bonuses for multiple kills in a single move. Something like that.

2 3 3

It's hard. I didn't figure out how to predict the bouncing.

1 1 1 yes

I don't have any of the dependencies installed.

3 3 4

The gameplay is interesting, and you took time to do acceptable graphics. It may lack of music
and sounds, but you already did a lot of things in one day, good job.

3 2 3

A bit random, is something supposed to happen when you collect all the golden Thing-ies?

3 2 3

Well, pretty nice for a one day development, plus it always feels good to level up! (and thanks
for the one tap quest link, it was really funny!)

4 2 3

This was fun. Not sure why. It is so simple. :)

4 3 5

This was fun, would have loved some sounds or music, or more levels. I am not sure randomly
bouncing off of the monsters is the best but it did create tension. Excellent day's work.

3 3 4

Like billiards with swords!

4 3 4

A fun little game. Outstanding for the time it took to implement. It can be a bit random to bounce
of enemies (and then die because you hit an enemy that is too strong), but it is still fun enough
to just start the next round :)

5 3 5

This is weirdly addictive! It is deceptively simple but the very simple mechanic tied to the
leveling up is really brilliant. I really like the somewhat random re-bounces when you kill
something. It adds an extra layer to the game. With some sound and music this would be a very
complete game - as it is it really is one of the more addictive games I've played!

4 3 3

Actually pretty fun, once you realise the bounce-off direction when hitting enemies is not
random and actually a function of from what angle you strike them. Then there is some strategy
in it, and it becomes interesting. Production wise, might have been good to have some
menus/titlescreen, perhaps harder levels etc.

2 2 4

It's an interesting idea, but this game isn't very fun to play. It's also rather hard to predict
what direction you're going to bounce in when you hit an enemy, and this feels unfair.

4 3 3

This was a pretty fun game - it would have been cool to get some sound in there to really polish it
up, but the graphics looked nice and the gameplay was smooth. Took me a while to get the hang of
leveling up all the way. Nicely done!

3 3 3

Was pretty fun. Would have loved to have some more things to do, such as gathering power-ups or
having to make choices.

4 3 4

It was fun to play, but there were no instructions or menu.