PyWeek - Petras Zdanavičius PW 18 - feedback

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2 3 2

does not seem to be a complete game, nice gfx though

3 2 4

no sound

3 3 4

This was a really cool concept for the 8-bit theme. It was a fun idea, but ended up being
frustrating to play (not in a bad way, you just have to memorize the controls, etc.). Nice work!

2 2 4

Concept isn't bad, but the controls end up being mainly annoying, and the gameplay is a bit

4 4 4

Very nice game, although the controls become tricky when it becomes real-time.

3 3 3

Fun if a bit confusing!

3 3 4

Good use of the theme with the bit-toggling, especially the color blending from multiple

3 4 4

A very good concept though the controls become a bit annoying in practice. Still its quite well

3 3 4

Confusing controls, but interesting

I was killed a lot by confusion around the turning bits. I'd accidentally set them both and then
hitting the button for the bit would turn it off and have the opposite effect to what I was

Aside from that, a very neat little game and a nice use of the theme.

3 2 4

No sound or music here, very simple graphics. Ingenious (and extremely evil) control scheme
that directly ties in the theme. I finished but I died at least 4 times. I was cursing you for
setting the controls up this way but it was still fun.

2 2 3

Nice idea with combining bits to get different behaviours from the robot, but I'd love to see it
developed more.

1 1 1 yes

All I see is a black screen running the exe.

4 3 4

Very cute, well designed, and suitably frustating :-)

2 2 4

This game had a really cool concept but playing it was really frustrating...

3 4 4

Very 8-bit.

2 2 2

Surprisingly hard to control. I just can't get my head around it. The game was pretty well put
together, and had good balance. There just wasn't very much of it.

4 3 4

Pretty great! The controls were difficult to get used to but overall pretty fun.

3 2 3

Good enough graphics but no sound. The gameplay is interesting, but it's too complicated to
control with the keyboard. Perhaps the mouse would have worked better. Overall I liked the
game. Congratulations!