PyWeek - Petras Zdanavičius PW16 - feedback

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2 3 4

I liked the aesthetics of the game; the graphpaper background and the clean simple shapes.
It's not really a game yet, but if it was, it would be a pretty one.

2 3 4

Pretty interesting idea but not much reason to keep playing.

4 4 4

Neat idea

3 3 3

Nice entry. The control felt pretty awkward for me and I got bored after a few minutes of
playing. With some extras, powerups and a more intuitive control it could be a very nice game. I
like the idea and the minimalistic art.

4 5 4

At first it looked very "tech demo"-ish but the author really found how to turn it into a game.
Very nice.

3 3 4


3 4 5

Innovative to say the least! It runs a bit slow on my crappy computer, which makes it difficult
because the 15-second counter isn't slowed down, and I can hardly make it in time, so I wind up
dying quickly.

4 3 4

Quite a fun puzzle game.

The connection to the theme felt a bit weak, but the gameplay is enjoyable.

4 4 4

cool idea! I had some problems with the controls, the thingy was not always pointing to the
mouse, but it was fun!

2 5 5

Best game till now. Exceptional idea and production. But survival game where you can't win are
not very fun.

2 5 3

This is really beautiful to look at!

4 5 4

Perfect little game. I really like the status overlay which shows who is getting too big.
Otherwise the game would become so difficult to play.

4 4 5

very funny game, but i am not sure it fits properly with the theme. good music as well.

1 1 1 yes

pygame.error: No video mode large enough for 2732x768 - I removed the fullscreen code but I
couldn't play it because the window was too big for my display.

3 3 4

Quite fun but feels a bit futile after a while. Not sure if there was a win condition, but I didn't
get there :/

4 4 4

Looks great, and the game isn't bad, although it's a tad bit unfair when multiple off-screen
circles become too big at the same time.

5 5 4

The gameplay is simple, but very fun! I really enjoyed this entry.