PyWeek - Petras Zdanavičius #15 - feedback

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Stacktrace: Loading chipmunk for Darwin (32bit)
Initializing cpSpace - Chipmunk v6.0.2 (Debug Enabled) Compile with -DNDEBUG defined to
disable debug mode and runtime assertion checks Initializing cpSpace - Chipmunk v6.0.2
(Debug Enabled) Compile with -DNDEBUG defined to disable debug mode and runtime assertion
checks Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 6, in main.main() File
line 12, in main GameWindow(InitScene(cfg, resource), cfg, resource) File
line 45, in __init__ self.play_scene = PlayScene(self.cfg, self.resource) File
line 92, in __init__ self.physics, self.renderer) File
line 59, in __init__ self.lhand = Hand(self, cfg.LHPOS, cfg, resource, physics, renderer)
line 88, in __init__ super(Hand, self).__init__(pos, cfg, resource, physics, renderer)
line 19, in __init__ self.register_to_physics() File
line 41, in register_to_physics self.physics.register(self, self.shape) File
line 19, in register*physical_objects) File
line 278, in add self._add_shape(o) File
line 323, in _add_shape assert shape._hashid_private not in self._shapes, "shape already
added to space" AssertionError: shape already added to space Could be a problem with my
chipmunk, i don't know.

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Couldn't get it running because of dependencies.

4 4 4

Wow. This is one of the best games in the competition. An interesting game. Very much.

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Pyglet doesn't work for me.
( If I have
time I'll try it on a different system. The gameplay looks very original from the YouTube

3 3 3

It's true: too hard for trackpad.

2 2 3

Interesting game mechanic - perhaps would work well on a tablet? Graphics and sound and Bill
Hicks quotes when you die where naff, nineties and new age. Didn't have the understated
slickness of your previous games.

2 4 3

I liked the atmosphere you created in this game, it fits perfectly. Unfortunately I didn't
find it very fun to play it again in the next days.

4 2 4

The game crashes when the music ends. It's really addictive once it works though.

4 4 4

You're not kidding about hard. Once, I had a solid wave of occult symbols, and therefore died.
When running the .exe on Windows 7, I get an exception after a while: Traceback (most recent
call last): File "", line 6, in File "tripping\main.pyc", line 13, in main File
"pyglet\app\__init__.pyc", line 264, in run File "pyglet\app\win32.pyc", line 63, in run
File "pyglet\app\win32.pyc", line 84, in _timer_func File "pyglet\app\__init__.pyc",
line 187, in idle File "pyglet\clock.pyc", line 700, in tick File "pyglet\clock.pyc", line
303, in tick File "pyglet\media\__init__.pyc", line 934, in dispatch_events File
"pyglet\media\__init__.pyc", line 712, in _fill_audio File
"pyglet\media\__init__.pyc", line 761, in _get_audio_data File
"pyglet\media\__init__.pyc", line 474, in _seek

4 4 3

This was a really great gameplay idea. The controls were pretty good, I just wish I could have
picked up the next hand just by clicking anywhere, instead of clicking it and dragging it where
I wanted it, you know? The mood is really well done and I like the fading around the edges. It was
almost a 5/5 on Production, I just would have liked a little more variety in the enemies and
maybe some decoration on the player blob. Overall great job!

2 2 4

I'd have to admit I liked the concept of the game more than I enjoyed playing it, but I think that
was mostly down to the control system. I think with a little more variety of hazards, this game
would be great on a touchscreen device.

3 3 5

great idea but the game is too repetitive. In my opinon the feet are not enough big, it is
frustrating when you miss one of them.