PyWeek - Hold my Beer, Watch This - feedback

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2 3 2

Gets a little dull when the only mechanic is moving the player.

3 3 2

Kinda fun. Wish it had more or different types of enemies.

3 3 4

nice, knowing how much you have advanced in a level would have been nice

4 3 3

Enjoyable game.

Mechanics are simple, but effective, and it's a decent challenge.

2 3 3

Where the nemesis link is?

2 3 2

*nature documentary voice* Here we have the fearsome grey shark, whose relentless
aggression is matched only by their inability to move backwards. Neat graphics, but the game
wasn't terribly engaging :)

3 4 2

Very nice graphics and sound, I enjoyed it very much.

3 3 2

good effort -and raising ecological awareness, nice!

2 3 2

Love the turtle graphics. Looks easy but the "seek and destroy" sharks are quite persistent.
Well done!

2 3 2

Level endings are rather abrupt. Disappointing that eating food doesn't restore health.

3 3 1

Hey not bad, kind of relaxing. Simple is always good. Would have liked more variety of
gameplay. You know, bubbles to catch to breathe underwater, or powerups. This is just
nitpicking, because I know 28 megabytes is not that much these days, but I do think you could
have stood to reduce the size of the audio a bit.

3 3 2

It's okay. The fundamentals are solid.

3 4 2

Nice, little game. Made it to Level 4. The sharks attacking you if you're too near makes the game
interesting. I found it a tiny bit difficult to navigate, but then again, it might be another
thing, that makes this game more challenging. I guess a few more different kind of enemies
would have been nice. The turtle looks good.

4 4 4

I am not sure this game fits with the theme but it is nice and i want to play again to finish it.