PyWeek - Outside - feedback

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3 5 3

Very well made, but too hard to guess.

2 3 3

indeed puzzling

4 2 3

Fascinating :)

5 4 4

I absolutely loved this one. The music works perfectly and give the game life! A really heart-touching game.

3 5 4

great visuals (but i'm biased since i was exploring a similar style), and the music bits triggered by actions were nice too. i'm still not sure what the story is trying to say, though.

3 5 3

Hauntingly beautiful visuals and music. I wish it was longer. Reminded me of Knytt somehow.

3 5 3

I like how this game has a style, but I find the actions somewhat odd. For example, I don't quite understand what it means when I go outside, then suddenly I find myself back in. The game is quite good and I do like the little story; I'm just a bit confused about the actions. Anyway, another high point of this game are the graphics, I like them very much.

2 4 3

After reading the walkthrough I suppose the human-game interaction look as<br>
select object<br>
select other<br>
if action[object, other]: do action[object,other]<br>
Before reading the walkthrough, I supposed the controls and or scripting where broken.<br>

4 5 5

This is a piece of art!

I love the atmosphere in the game, and the 3D effect when walking outside. The music is VERY beautiful, I love it.

Wonderful job!

3 5 2

I really liked the look of this, even if I have no idea what was going on. Well, I could appreciate some of the symbolism, but still, no idea. But a fun little short really. Liked the 'no inventory' approach as well.

2 3 3

Seemed to suffer from some weird animation bug where the screen is only redrawn when the window is exposed.

3 4 3

Nice, but very short, and some of the interface was a bit unclear. It was hard to tell which objects were clickable, and which just made you put things down.

4 5 4

Beautiful game. A little short but sweeeet.

2 4 3

Nice artwork and music. Story seems a little disjointed -- not always clear what's stopping you from getting out of the house.

3 4 2

Great stuff! Pity it's too short.

1 4 3

Nice graphics and good start for a story. But the end came way to soon I didn't feel like I have played a game at all.

2 4 3

I love the camera effects. Game was very short though.

4 5 4

I like locked room puzzle games and I like what you did with it. The blurry boundary between sound effects and music was a really nice touch. I just wish it was longer and had more of a puzzle aspect. Great game engine, it just needs a little more content. Keep up the good work!

1 1 1 yes

E: stream.c: Assertion 's' failed at pulse/stream.c:827, function pa_stream_write().
Aborting. I was running this on Ubuntu 8.10 amd64. Got a minute or two of gamemplay, but then it
always crashed.

3 5 4

Oh. Man. Beautifully done game, a poignant story behind it by my interpretation of it anyway. Very innovative presentation, I love the use of layers. Just the right amount of clicking around for an adventure game I felt. Nice music too!

2 4 2

A simple, very well executed game.

4 5 4 yes

great, but not themed.

5 5 5

Wow. Just wow - I really enjoyed this mini-experience. It left me wanting more!

2 5 3

Wow, this is one of the weirdest (don't take it negatively ;) entries I've seen. Very moody and exceptional production. The piano really gave it an eerie atmosphere.

2 4 3

Good production, have no idea how I get outside though ;)

3 5 4

It was not quite easy to figure out what to do (just clicked around semi-randomly), but I really like the theme/emotion you are transmitting here. Great Work!

2 5 4

Good art and music but wasn't fun at all :(

1 4 3

I'm sorry, but I just don't get it... Very nice art, though.