PyWeek - Nuclear soda 1 - feedback

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The end of the first level is too small to pass through.

2 2 2

Love the art but I can't figure the goal of the game. I got stuck at the end of the first level, I
can't turn the corner!

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the player moves so low speed and just it is boring.

2 1 2

There wasn't really enough of a game to judge it. The first level seems in-completable, and the
controls are exhausting.

1 2 2

no sound,

2 2 2

There wasn't a lot of gameplay. Needing to fix case errors to get it to run (Start.bmp,
wizard_2.GIF, etc.) didn't help either.

1 2 2

I just didn't get it. I tried several times, after a long attempt to reach the arrow, my
character got stuck in the corridor.

1 1 1

it takes too long to move the wizard and the graphics makes my eyes bleed. but i loved you passion
and looking forward to seeing new tries. do not give up!

2 3 3

I had to rename several images to get it to work on a case-sensitive filesystem. There is no
documentation for the controls -- I couldn't figure out how the game was supposed to work.

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File cases matter in other OS'es START.gif VS start.gif. I've managed to run the game by
renaming files.

2 3 2

Sorry, I was not sure what to do. And I got stuck on the narrow sidewalk.

1 1 1

Moving only five pixels for each keypress is a terrible, terrible idea.

1 2 2

Sorry, but the gameplay was too slow for me, and my character seemed to be impossibly stuck
after the first bend in the path to the arrow on the first level.

1 2 3

It takes ages to move, then I get stuck in the tunnel :|

2 2 2

Not a bad attempt for a first-time entrant, but sadly not complete enough for a good rating.

The movement mechanics were a bit frustrating and I wasn't able to navigate the narrow path at
the end of the first level -- I kept getting stuck in one of the corners.

I look forward to your next attempt. :-)

1 2 3

It took a long time to move... Quite a nice looking level though! A bit more work and this could be

1 3 3

Nice effort!

1 3 2 yes

I think your code is fps dependent... on my win7 64bit machine the movement of my character was
unbearably slow. On top of that i could not exit the first level because of collision detection

1 1 1 yes

had to change filenames to work with linux metulburr@ubuntu ~/Downloads/18 $ python
geometry\ Traceback (most recent call last): File "geometry", line
160, in start = pygame.image.load('start.bmp').convert() pygame.error: Couldn't open
start.bmp metulburr@ubuntu ~/Downloads/18 $ mv Start.bmp start.bmp metulburr@ubuntu
~/Downloads/18 $ python geometry\ Traceback (most recent call last): File
"geometry", line 171, in
wizards.append(pygame.image.load('wizard_2.gif').convert()) pygame.error:
Couldn't open wizard_2.gif metulburr@ubuntu ~/Downloads/18 $ mv wizard_2.GIF
wizard_2.gif metulburr@ubuntu ~/Downloads/18 $ mv wizard_3.GIF wizard_3.gif
metulburr@ubuntu ~/Downloads/18 $ mv wizard_4.GIF wizard_4.gif metulburr@ubuntu
~/Downloads/18 $ python geometry\ metulburr@ubuntu ~/Downloads/18 $ Also not
able to reach the exit. The guy will not move past the second to last corner to the exit.

1 2 1

The story is charming but the wizard is too slow and I don't think it's even possible to beat the
first level since it won't let me go around one of the corners.