PyWeek - Team NP Special 1-Hour Kamikazee Edition - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
3 4 3

Fun, but impossible. I had to implement multiple lives to get anywhere. Is there really any key
that isn't blue?

3 3 3

OK entry. The connection to the theme is a bit weak, and the gameplay is a bit repetitive, but
it's not a bad effort.

2 4 3

what can be achieved in 90 minutes when work is well coordinated.

2 3 4

The graphics, sound, and scope of this game are great. It's obviously very impressive that you
got this together given the time frame. There's a lot here to like. Where the production falls
apart, of course, is the atrocious balance issues. It's evident that nobody played this game
through before submitting it. If only I had like 10hp or something, this could have been a slam

4 4 4

Wow! An hour and a half for this?

After struggling with instakill for a while, I eventually resorted to editing the code and
disabling death. It would be nice to have a few lives and maybe some health potions to pick up.
Great fun, though.

4 4 3

This game is very fun to play but it is so hard! I restarted several times to save Sylvia but to be
honest... she's... just not my type so... she'll have to wait for the next hero I guess.

3 4 2

Nice game! I couldn't quite complete it but I did enjoy it

3 4 3

Quite fun, but I found the insta-death a bit frustrating.

4 4 1 yes

you get bonus points in fun & production for having this done in 80 minutes. However I don't
think this game was innovative in the slightest. Also it didn't really subscribe to the theme
of the competition besides having 8-bit style graphics. Other than that I thought it was
pretty well done, especially for 80 minutes. The sword is a little awkward looking, probably
at least some kind of detail on that would have been better than a white box. The overall speed of
the game seems a little fast, enemies are kind of frenetic when it comes to movement, except for
the timed actions (shooting fireballs etc.) which seem slow compared to movement. Congrats
on finishing this so fast, you guys are quite talented.

3 3 2

Really awesome quality for something created in 80 minutes. I liked the crazy difficulty,
although had to disable death in the code to see the end.

4 3 2

Pretty cool game! I could use some polishing and some elements are missing (life bar,
please!), but it's a decent group entry (let alone it was made in over 1 hour!).

3 3 2

"Shuffled off this mortal coil" is pretty cute, but almost none of this game felt original.
Also, I'm not sure how you incorporated 8-bit as the theme, although your "classic 8-bit"
style artwork looks nice. More than one life would be helpful!

3 4 1

A really fun / challenging game. Though the concept was a little predictable, the execution
was killer.

2 5 3

It is very polished game. I read you made it in about one hour so next time you can entry into
py80minutes competition

4 4 3

Very hard! I can't believe you did this in an hour. Crazy...

5 5 3

very funny game, crazy team, a 8-bit retrĂ² game with everything a game needs. I think this one
hour game is better than the one week ours :/

3 4 3

5 more minutes to make a sword and I'd give it +1 for production. The first impression is that the
player-character is waving his private parts at enemies. Didn't find the key, gave up after 10
or so tries annoyed at monsters coming in and killing me even if I wave my sword-thing at them.

2 3 4

Kudos on making a game in one hour (and change). That's amazing. I'm more then impressed! The
game itself is cool, the enemies are annoying and it has a ton of content that I could barely
scratch in the time I had to play it.