PyWeek - Team NP v9 - feedback

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5 5 4

Ah, so this is what being a sysadmin is like. This explains the whale sounds I always hear behind
the IT door.

Anyway, this is great! I like the humor in the game. It's fun and polished and it feels like a
complete game. The graphics are nice and the music fits very well. Enjoyed it very much.

4 4 4

Really solid entry. Lots of details. Cool set of upgrades. Good artwork and music. Funny
storyline. I played through Day 8 and I have to say, that control scheme is really frustrating.
It seems obviously designed for a touchscreen, and I think it would work great like that, but I
had a heck of a time controlling anything with the mouse. Still, I know it's what you were going
for, so I give you credit for implementing the choice you made well.

3 4 2

Haha, it's a fun premise! Very funny descriptions and stuff. It plays like hell on a trackpad
though. I didn't make it past day 2. Perhaps you should have included keyboard controls as
well. Still I think controls are not the main problem, it's just not so much fun running back and
forth on the screen even if the setting is very funny. Anyway, it's well implemented all
around, with solid code, nice art & sound.

2 4 4

nice graphics

4 4 4

The Family Circus movement system was great.

2 3 3

Rather innovated character controls.

3 4 4

Cool little game. Is there a way to win, or is it just a matter of hanging on as long as possible? I
liked the pixel graphics and overall look. The mechanic was interesting, though the UI a bit
clunky. I often got stuck picking up the IV (the 'drop/pick up' box would cover all clickable
parts of the character so I wouldn't be able to move). Also gets messy in later days to hit the
right spots when clicking, and mistakes were costly. At least it's a memorable game over. :p

4 3 4

This is the first game really I liked so far. Getting a bit hard after the few first days, but
that's not bad.

3 3 2

Frantic fun

4 5 5

Amazing, super tight production values (art/music/style), everything packaged up so well,
the tutorial. I found the game pretty challenging (but I generally suck at games) but quite fun
:) loved all the humour.

4 4 4

A very nice game and a great take on the theme. I liked the character movement and the
combination of hte different ways you had to cure the machines. The was a great sense of urgency
and panic as the number of machines started to increase and you had to choose which ones to try
and save and which ones to just let go. At times the screen could get a bit cluttered which made it
a bit hard to tell what was going on and I think it might have been good to spread the "cures" out a
bit (four corners of the room?) but overall a great entry!

5 5 4

Challenging game, but fun to play. Thanks for including a tutorial! The game also has great
production values.

4 4 5

I highly dougbt this is what actually happens in IT departments, but that makes this game
funner. Good job!