PyWeek - Nerd Paradise v8 - feedback

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4 5 4

There is an impressive amount of work put into this. Unfortunately I couldn't finish the game
because I had to rate other games (and I got stuck), but the time I spent on it was very fun. I may
come back to this game in the future. The graphics are also really good. Excellent job!

4 5 4

Fantastic work! I haven't played it through but will try to come back to it later. But I've
looked through the game files, the art is impressive! Cool music too! A very ambitious project
overall, and you managed to complete it too, it seems!

4 4 3

Nice game, it actually took me a while to finish it. Also because I forgot to get the top hat
before I fix the train, and there's no way to get it later. But yeah, really cool!

4 4 3

Lots of artwork in this game! The pixel art is great, even though some parts are more elaborate
than other. The gameplay is old fashioned but works. And teleporting in toy boxes is great !

3 3 3

Seems to be a nice enough game. Sadly I suck at adventure games :(

3 5 3

Amazing work in one week! The commands are really annoying though, you always have to return to
the bottom-left corner to change your action and this slows the gameplay a lot... But this is
the only negative thing I have to say, so nice job!

4 4 4

Inventive, funny and a tad sad. Great job.

5 5 4

Amazing Stuff, really interesting and emotionally engaging. Great music, fun artwork and
funny references to toys/growing up in the 80/90s. My favourite game of the challenge, well

4 5 5

Really amazing amount of work and a very complete game for just a week of work. The story,
graphics, sound and gameplay are really well done. I really liked the idea of going into the
different boxes to find these weird little worlds. The different things inside the boxes were
really well done.

4 4 4

A change from your usual game styles. I did enjoy the puzzle.

2 3 1

I really want to like this game, because I like point-and-click adventure games, but I just
can't bring myself to. I find this game to be not very fun, and extremely confusing. More so than
King's Quest V, and that's really saying something.

Let me start with the one good point: the production value is pretty good. Not really above
average, but pretty good. The graphics are nice, and the music is OK for the first 5 minutes.

But now I have to move onto the bad points. First, the music: while it's OK for the first 5
minutes, it gets really annoying and exhausting to hear this music for an extended period of
time, expecially when I'm wandering around trying to figure out how to get past a certain

Second, the control: I found it to be kind of annoying that I had to walk over to an object
manually before being allowed to use the hand icon on it.

Third, the puzzles. Some of them are clever, like the part where you have to walk around the
supposedly impenetrable wall, but most of the time it seems it consists of, "wander around and
use the hand icon on stuff until you get a response". This is incredibly boring.

Fourth, and most importantly, the interaction. I find the aspect that almost nothing with no
direct relevance to the game gives you any message when you click on it, even with the eye icon,
to be a sign of a lack of polish. But it's even worse than that: sometimes, you can't even look at
things relevant to the plot. For example, there are two objects that are circles with the
letters "POG" written on them. I don't know what a "POG" is, and I can't use the eye icon on them to
find out. Supposedly it doesn't belong in Lego-land, but where does it belong?

But the worst is the screen in the misc box past the gate. There's a plastic dinosaur that
prevents you from getting into the cave, and some inactive chattering teeth. But I can't look
at or interact with these in any way that I can figure out. I was only able to get into the cave by
what seems to be a bug where you can go through the teeth and get to the entrance through the
mountain. It seems obvious that I want to scare away the dinosaur with the teeth, so why is it
that when I use the hand icon on the teeth, nothing happens? Am I expected to use some kind of

Unfortunately, the problems I experienced prevented me from finishing this game. I tried
three times, and at this point I'm thoroughly sick of it. The last point I got to was the cave
which I entered by what seems to be a bug. I made it past the lava pit with the rubber band and
picked up the "POG", but couldn't figure out a way to get back. I don't know if it's because I was
missing an item I need; I tried everything, and had pretty much the same problem I had trying to
get into the cave: no response from trying to interact with anything obvious.

4 5 3

Great work guys! A+++++++++ would play again.

3 4 3

Had to change resolution to fit my computers needs.

5 4 4

This was an extremely detailed game, and I had a decent time playing it - I got frustratingly
stuck a couple times and had to start over. I would love a walk-through of sorts if you guys ever
get the chance to put one together! It was almost funny how you respond with "Okidokie!" to
everything, even the horribly sad bits like "My baby is missing!" or "My father passed away".
The music was pretty good and the drawings were as well - for some reason I'm particularly fond
of the sad cop in Lego world and the Hippo in the Games box. :)