PyWeek - Nerd Paradise v7 - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
3 3 2

5 4 3

Awesome! You're insane :). Amazing setting, great writing. Nice retro production, good job
with the music too! The levels are well made. Interesting enough, but not too hard. (Hard games
are kind of frustrating when I have 50 games to judge in a few days.) It's really nice how varied
it is. Overmap, chase, etc. I was a bit afraid when I had to light up 3 volcanoes that it would get
repetitive, but you exercised moderation. It's bug-free, it has smooth controls, and a lot of
content. Fantastic job for PyWeek!

4 4 3

It's very retro. Too retro for me.

3 4 3

Nice platformer!

5 5 3

Great work! I loved the retro metrovania game. I loved the original soundtrack, low res
sprites and limited color palette. This is a great throwback to classic gaming, and I found
myself playing it a lot. The password function is super handy, and makes this feel like a NES
game. Fantastic work. I haven't finished the game yet, but I have so many entries to judge. I'm
looking forward to finishing the game next week. A++ ( although this is a glowing review, i
unfortunately had to take marks off on innovation. this is a prefect reproduction of older
games, and it would be unfair to give high marks when the genre is pretty well established. in
any case, i hope that doesn't discourage your team. it really is a great game. )

5 4 4

Really nice replica of the traditional arcade game. The dialog is also great, and really sets
the mood of the game.

I'm not wild about the design for gamepad, since it's not that common an accessory, but the
keyboard controls are workable.

4 5 4

You guys are wizards, you know exactly what you're doing

3 5 3

Extremely smooth!

4 4 3

Fun platformer. The run & jump was a bit weird, I had to press fire to run?

5 5 4

Wow - this was a great achievement in only a week. It felt like a very complete game. The retro
look and feel were very well done and all the elements worked well together. I liked the
graphical style and the overall feel of the game and story. I also though it was an interesting
idea to adjust the gravity of the game - very cool. A very nice game!

4 5 4

Really nice retro-style platformer, but a bit too authentic-retro-hard for me. I'll
definitely be playing it again later, though.

4 5 4

Wow - very impressed that this was made in a week, even though there are a few of you!

4 5 4

Another solid offering from Nerd Paradise! Really impressive variety of gameplay. I like how
you went through some areas more than once and there were small changes. You really captured
the old school feel, including the frustrating controls.

5 5 4

I like a lot the vintage look, music of this game, maybe not so original (i am so sorry but i cant
give the maximum, but at least i must give you 4 for innovation) but because the game must be in
this way. Very good work.

3 2 2

A faithful representation of crappy old 80's/90's games.

3 5 2

Although It's not innovative, it's a perfect recreation of the classic NES platform game
style. Well done! Quite fun to play (I have an USB gamepad!).

4 4 3

Nice game, looks great. Controls can be a little unruly - jumping sometimes a little
frustrating. I think this is my favourite (so far).

4 5 3

First game I want to play more than just enough to rate. Keyboard could have used an extra key.

3 5 3

I liked the NES style of the game. The way that jumping and getting out of the water works can be
very frustrating, though. For me, that lowers the "fun" score, unfortunately.