PyWeek - Team Nerd Paradise, v6 - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
3 4 3

Lots of points for personality as well. Very important for enjoying games.

3 4 3

Like that this is kind of complete. The goofy humor fits well, props for the funny sounds.

2 3 4

I like the silly merchandise descriptions! Gameplay is a bit frustrating, though -- movement
is too slow and tedious when you have a shop full of demanding customers to serve.

5 5 5

Pretty fun little game the main letdown was the controls, please let me press two buttons at
once. Also two player mode would be awesome

3 5 4

Really smooth and polished. I love the graphics and sound. There's so much complexity in this
game, it's really hard to wrap your head around. Just picking up and putting down boxes in the
right places was enough of a challenge for me. Also dealing with strategy of balancing the
meter and the ability to set dozens of prices to arbitrary values was a bit overwhelming.... I
never made it beyond the third set of products.

3 3 4


2 4 4

The hook is quite interesting, and the production values are decent.

The gameplay suffers from needing to be overly precise with movement at times, and somewhat
unexpected collisions with some items.

3 3 3

Sold stuff made me smile

4 5 4

I really liked it!

4 5 4

Too pretty!

2 4 2

Feels like a lot of busy work to me. Where is the payoff, did I stop playing too soon?

4 4 4

I liked it. It felt like a complete game, the idea was original, and it was well executed. The
game is a bit overwhelming at first, and it's a bit annoying that the game doesn't pause at the
'change prices' screen, but those are relatively minor issues.

4 3 3

I enjoyed the idea of selling to both sides and keeping them in check, and the game is good fun. I
found it difficult to see which box was which and hard to know whether I was in the right position
to pick up a stack.

3 4 3

Good production, interesting idea, good humor, but not too fun.

3 4 3

This was a neat little game, it did seem like the matching to the theme was a bit of a stretch

4 5 3

Holy production values batman! The look and sound are top notch. Loved this game. Sadly it
wasn't clear how to organize your shop and restocking resulted in a terrible jumble of
product. Maybe that was the goal. :)

2 5 3

good graphic and good sounds but after a while this game become boring, sorry