PyWeek - Team Nerd Paradise, v5 (MVF15) - feedback

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3 3 3

Very ambitious, but also very flaky (sometimes couldn't build for no reason; sometimes could
build past resource/building limits by spamming keys, it seemed). Not very interactive, I
guess: Was soon tempted to "play" it by leaving it running in the background for hours rather
than sit around and wait for resources to pool.

4 4 4

Wow. This is one of the best games in the competition. An interesting game. Very much.

3 5 2

You certainly deserve the "Gold Award For Ambition", and you even fulfilled it! It's a working
MMO strategy and it's even fun. There is a lot of content. While there are some bugs they don't
quite spoil the game. You should have tried to add some more innovative elements to it though.

4 5 4


3 3 4

Really well done, and a lot of gameplay there that I didn't have time to explore.

3 4 4

Wow one of the most ambitious projects I have seen for pyweek, however the interface was a bit
difficult to use, reducing how fun the game could be greatly

3 3 3

nice graphic but not so funny, you (Team Nerd Paradise) surprise me :-(

5 5 5

I love this game! The game to which I played more by difference. Extremelly good job!

4 4 4

The one, that looks actually like a game.

4 4 5

Five Innovation for awesome genre fusion. I would have awarded five for Fun as well if not for
the controls! The constant switching between mouse and keyboard was annoying. I'd recommend
that you either make a clear split: keyboard for player; mouse for menus (and possibly ray
gun?), or make it possible to do everything with either mouse or keyboard. I would be so very
surprised if this entry doesn't place first though. Well done guys.

4 4 5

You rules!

2 4 2

It's so difficult to make it for one week and guys 've done a lot! Network communication,
graphics and some logics!

5 5 5

I'm blown away. A massively multiplayer game in the space of a week. Even with the lag, and lack
of feedback when you build with insufficient resources I found the game to be enjoyable. So
much so, that I played for a good few hours and finished. Its not often that happens with a Pyweek
game. Congratulations and thanks for a great game.

5 5 5

One week? I'm blown away. Only one minor problem that forced me to close the game: your bots can
get caught on the wrong side of a lake with no way to their destination, and there's no apparent
way to quit the infiltration state. And you probably shouldn't be able to infiltrate the same
player multiple times.

4 4 4

Awesome work, congratulations! I found the gameplay a little bit slow, but nevertheless a
great production.

3 4 3

Consistently good quality, but there was never any real challenge or complexity. The MMO
aspect didn't add enormously to the single-player experience. I was basically on my own,
researching stuff just because it was the only thing there was to do.