PyWeek - Team Nerd Paradise, v4 - feedback

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4 5 3

3 5 3

Another superb production. To nitpick: It was a bit fiddly getting in place to spray the slime,
and the game crashed once or twice, forcing me to replay from save. Though I like puzzles, there
wasn't enough reward after completing the puzzles to entice me onwards, such as bonuses, or
humour (the walkie-talkie dialogue got old fast - sorry), or weirder and more wonderful
puzzle content (it was all a bit trite).

4 5 3

Wow, really well polished! Fantastic art! The music gets to the nerves quick :). The puzzles
are quite well built. Each element is introduced very nicely, making the player crave for
more. The difficulty is a bit low, but would be great fun for children. The writing is pretty
good too :). Pushing boxes on buttons and avoiding monsters is a bit overused, so I cannot score
you any higher on innovation.

5 5 4

Just wow! You really do all this in a week? Great game and really funny to boot! Polish it up (just
make it more clear how to save, pause, restart the level, etc.) and totally publish it on
Desura. *Please* do this, even if just as a free download.

3 5 4

Very Nice graphics fits in well with the theme was let down by all the puzzles being overly easy
to spot the solution just fiddly and irritating to compleate

5 5 5

Holy cow that's so much content! You implemented a huge array of game mechanics, well done on
the programming and level design! The artwork is also very good. I would say that it started
kind of easy, I didn't really feel like I had to think very much until sector E or F. There were
some real challenges later, though.

1 1 1 yes

Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 5364, in main() File "", line
5334, in main active_scene.update(counter) File "", line 3600, in update
get_jukebox().ensure_current_song('title') File "", line 556, in
ensure_current_song pygame.error: Module format not
recognized This is a disappointment. I was looking forward to playing this.

4 4 3

Cute puzzle game

2 4 3

It is a big difference using python 3.2 thx for the tip

5 5 4

You're probabily gonna to win this. I have only 2 notes for you: 1. ESC key quits the game without
asking anything. I just wanted to pause it and of course I didn't save before :| 2. Space key
during credits raised error: CreditsScene instance has no attribute 'canskip'. And again I
didn't save so don't know what happens after credits :(

3 5 2

Much better than your previous one! Great job, nerd paradise team!!

4 5 4

fun and chalenging

4 5 3

Ok, you absolutely nailed production quality; well done! There's a good range of puzzle
elements here and the writing is excellently matched to the game to add flavour and amusement
while not getting in the way of puzzles. There are few levels where the isometric viewpoint
makes it hard to work out what's where in the level; "Block Party" is a particular culprit,
which is a shame because it's otherwise a good puzzle. I really wish you had gone with diagonal
movement for the arrow keys rather than always having to press two at once; it's not hard to get
used to, and the game is very unforgiving of minor slips of positioning.

4 5 3

Amazing polish. I spent too much time playing puzzles that felt like tutorials and not enough
time thinking. Also the characters, animations, and dialog were great.

5 5 5

awesome game!

4 3 2


4 4 3

carried out with care

3 3 4

Good game, a bit hard to control the charecter.

5 5 5

The game looks gorgeous, the presentation is very slick and the game itself is fun and
addictive. I found the exchanges between characters very funny too, which really added to the
experience for me. A fantastic game - well done.