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3 5 4

Great intro, music that fits perfectly and nice to see a tutorial. The idea of using colors to
represent conversion gives a lot of charm to the game. The mechanic in bare form (moving around
to gain new units) isn't particularly interesting but tying it to a nice little story made it a
lot more interesting. Movement could've used a pathfinding algorithm as the characters
often get stuck. Gameplay could've used a bit more work, as it is quite easy for now until you get
to the undeveloped expansion. I like the idea of expansion. Other than that, excellent work.
This is a game that I would like to see continued.

4 4 4

The intro was amazing. The gameplay was pretty interesting, but I don't know if I would play this game for long periods of time.

3 4 4

Nice game, well implemented, just didn't grab me.

4 4 4

Really cute game. I found the scrolling mechanics a bit annoying, and would really have liked a
mini-map type interface to be able to jump around the map a bit, but the scaling mechanic is
interesting, and the game presents a few interesting challenges.

3 4 4

Yeah, the intro almost puts you off. The game development was good. Music was excellent. Storyline was amusing.

3 4 4

reminds me of the movie "Pleasant Ville"

3 5 4

A beautifully presented game, very interesting take on the theme with the world expanding 9 times every level. By far my favorite part of the game was the intro which was beautifully presented in a way i wouldn't have though possible for a week, you would get a 5 for production entirely based on that but the rest of the game is nice too.

One thing that i would recommend is some very basic bath finding so the stupid people don't get stuck walking into letter boxes so much.

4 4 4

Nice idea, and pretty well implemented. I'd like some kind of minimap for the later zoom levels, because it's easy to lose the people you're trying to control. Especially when some of them get stuck in corners and sulk.

3 4 3

Beautiful intro. There wasn't enough to do in the game though, and vast amounts of the world were empty.

2 3 4

Nice idea and graphics but it was all a little boring.

3 4 4

Not quite enough to the game play to make it fun for me (nothing that can't be cured though). For some reason it felt like I was controlling a horde of plague zombies. :)

4 4 4


4 4 5

very original idea

4 4 4

Great game! Fortunately the music didn't get old, And it was fun running from cops at the end (it was also WAAAAY to hard :)

2 3 3

Interesting idea, but it needs something more to make it an engaging game. * Once you've lost someone to the police, it seems like there's nothing you can do to get them back, since they just hang around near the police and anyone else you send in to convert them gets lost as well.

3 4 4

So, I feel like the gray world turning to color as it gets "cultured" has been done before, but that intro scene in the room with the phonograph was just so charming!

I feel like the idea for the gameplay was good enough to make a fun game - I like the idea of culture as an epidemic that spreads exponentially - but there were a few issues that kept it from achieving its full potential. The map quickly got way too huge to keep track of. I know you lamented this in your postmortem, but you could have zoomed out more as you expanded the map. I spent way too much time scrolling screen after screen looking for a gray person to infect. There was so much empty space, especially on the last stage where all the people were scrunched in one corner. Finally, the lack of pathfinding was painful.

Having said all that, outrunning the cops was kind of fun once I got the hang of it. It just wasn't enough, you know?

4 4 4

when i tried to play world in custom game it crashed. very good game.

2 4 2

'big' idea, very polished, but dull gameplay

2 4 3

Great story and production, but I can't say I enjoyed it much after the intro and the very beginning.

4 5 4

This game has a very polished, cinematic feel. I love a good intro - although this one does stretch on slightly too long (in terms of time, not content.) The tutorial blends into the game extremely well.

I like the concept a lot, and it fits the nine times theme. The seeping colour effect looks great and conveys game progress well. The singing mechanic and the thought police both work well. The repetitive music is very catchy :)

All in all, I enjoyed the game immensely. I played it more than once.

3 5 3

Wonderful intro. Fantastic immersive story. A bit lacking in the gameplay department. I don't know if I would call this game "fun." But it is a beautiful work of art.

2 4 3

Fun: The game itself is a bit boring to play. There doesn't seem to be much strategy to avoiding the police other than walking them into a solid object.
Innovation: I quite like the idea of doing something then zooming out to incorporate a wider area, very katamari. The plot about what's going on is pretty engaging, and I can see this idea being extended to something much larger.
Production: Your video sequences and (opening and ending) are beautiful. Top notch. I thought that the controls made it very slow to move around the game, and there were a few sections where the map opened up to vast expanses of emptiness. Obviously more time to build levels, and complex camera controls that let you zoom or jump around the map could have helped this. I'd have liked one more level of zooming out too. Can't complain about the artistry in the opening sequence though, that is really beautiful.

1 1 1

2 5 4

It was really pretty and interesting. I kept getting annoyed by the movement especially around obstacles.

2 5 3

Pretty fancy looking and nice music but too slow to play