We're just a bunch of parrots, pinin' for the fjords...

This time we are making an offshoot of the game Qix. It sounds like a cool way of using pieces of string.

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Looks like we're going to do an offshoot of the game Qix. A lot of ideas were thrown around, so don't expect a clone!

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Home Stretch

Reality has conspired against us! Not too much has gotten done, compared to how much we would have liked to do. Let's hope we at least have a playable game by the end of compo tomorrow.

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10 minutes till compo end, and I am so amazingly close to getting the 3-hour game done, but the more detailed workings of pymunk elude me, and it's choosing to segfault whenever I get two objects near each other.

Unfortunately, we aren't going to gave a game this time around.

Lessons learned: a) Cars generally just make your life hell. Don't own one! b) Think through about how you are going to implement EVERYTHING in a game design before you settle on choosing one. Seemingly simple problems can actually be very, very, very difficult and thus make you not want to actually solve them. c) Corollary of b: you are probably best off making a stupidly simple base game concept, such that you could make that base game in the space of about two days (therefore it must be so stupidly simple that you'd predict you could make it in an afternoon). Act like the compo only lasts these two days, really try to lie to yourself (it's not pyweek, it's Ludum Dare!) so you can get a complete, shippable game done by that time. Use the rest of the week to polish and add all the neat game mechanics / level designs you might have thought of in the design phase.

I might seriously come up with some metrics for (c), like "the game can have no more than 2 behaviorally unique actors".

In the meantime between now and next pyweek, let's hope we can build some interesting libraries...