PyWeek - Super Effective 14 - feedback

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4 5 4

Nice game, nicely polished. Cute graphics. Fight sequences were sometimes a bit boring (most
of them you could just spam enter to get through).

1 1 1 yes

Sorry, this game becomes completely unresponsive for me in the workshop. I click and it
doesn't register for 10 seconds. AVbin crashed at one point. I was able to avoid that again by
disabling the sound, but it still eventually locks up for me. I have this problem a lot with
pyglet games, sorry! I'm on Ubuntu. Anyway, it looks great, so keep up the good work!

3 4 4

the creature building was much more fun than the battle mechanic. More parts for building with
(maybe there are lots more parts an I didn't play for long enough) would have made the game more
fun. Nice job on the story.

4 4 3

Decent game idea. Implementation is cute. Lots of fun.

4 3 4

skipping the battle state messages with space got a bit annoying no sound on my system
fullscreen by default? no no

4 5 5

Fantastic monster bits! And lots of content!

4 4 3

I loved making my own monsters. And the music seemed to fit right in.

5 5 4

Wow, this may be your best PyWeek entry so far! I spent way too much time playing it and
thoroughly enjoyed it. It fits the theme like a glove too. I love the entire thing. Great
dialog, very fun "grinding" phases, excellent controls (both with mouse and keyboard!),
dynamic music... I hope you're making a commercial version of it! You could sell it for Android
as it is. For the PC my suggestions would be: 1) More refined art. The art is more than adequate
for PyWeek, but could bear some more polish. 2) Add animations to body parts. 3) Change the
combat screen to have different background depending on the location. 4) More varied sound
effects for attacks. 5) Explain what the different stats do. "Mystery"?! 6) The editor should
be able to show the full list of unused components. 7) Explain or hint at what different attacks
do. What is the difference between Kick and Peck? (But I don't think organs should tell you up
front what they provide. The need for experimentation is lovely.) 8) Clarify how saving
works. I did not realize at first that the game is only saved after leaving a lab. 9) Add some form
of PVP. Maybe just by emailing a monster to a friend and letting him fight against it. This would
help popularize it. Then make millions! Good luck! Thanks for the awesome game!

3 4 3

Good work, it is a bit difficult!

5 5 5

The BEST i've played so far!!!

3 5 4

Well, the best game I have seen at this moment. Great story and dialogs, I'm sorry I do not have
enough time to collect pieces and look the ending scene. I thought the final boss is the dragon,
but looking at your last post I guess there is something more. So maybe this is too much for a
pyweek game... I'm curious what is the approx game time to win this?

3 4 2

Nice artwork!

5 5 5

very nice game, I enjoy it very much.

5 5 5

Really, really good. Some freezes while editing the goats, but unfreezes after ~1s. (No

4 3 4

I think the balance was a bit off in places. Some of the attacks like whip felt too powerful, and
it felt like a lot of work to get new organs, but overall it was pretty fun.