PyWeek - Noisy Protozoa - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
5 4 4

Really great level design and progression of difficulty! Made me want to get 100% and improve
my times. The last level was especially fun. Good job!

4 5 4

Excellent game.

3 4 4

Sadly, though the artwork and parallax is great, the hardest parts of of the consist of little
more than randomly jumping and hoping that your trajectory takes you where you want to go -
rinse and repeat - even when you can see what you have to do. The other parts of the game are
extremely easy.

5 5 4

A perfectly ordinary pizza delivery simulation!

4 2 4

Nice simple mechanics, but interesting level design and a lot of fun. Lack of sound hurts the
production score.

5 5 5

Enjoyed it all. The game was great.

4 3 3

Got stuck on level 6

5 5 4

Either there's no audio or I wasn't able to play it, which definitely hurt the experience. The
physics are fun and smooth to play with, but they're not quite predictable enough. For most of
the levels this is fine, since I'm just trying to stay vaguely away from stars and vaguely
towards planets. But in scenarios where a gravity slingshot is important it was often a matter
of trial and error to get the angle I needed. Also, the game seemed to let me progress to the next
level if I timed out without delivering the pizza.

3 2 5

no sound? also after some attemps to jump I got an error: File
"C:\Data\Programs\Python276\lib\site-packages\pyglet\gl\", line 104, in
errcheck raise GLException(msg) out of memory Exception
AttributeError: "'VertexDomain' object has no attribute 'attributes'" in > ignored I'm
using py 2.7.3 and pyglet.version '1.2.3'

4 4 4

Great game, the player walk around the plannet is awesome!I really want to learn pyglet by now!

4 4 4

I found this game quite hard. It's an interesting concept. I found a bug where I could play
levels that I had not unlocked yet, but that didn't detract from the overall enjoyment of the

5 4 5

Marvellously imaginative.

4 5 4

excellent fun, love the movement of the player. Kept getting burnt until I realised I was going
the wrong way on a certain level!

4 4 4

Fun game! Great production values, graphics and art are really cool. Only complaint is that
its silent, no music or sound. Was fun and cool idea … I got stuck on fryelands boulevard, I tried
lots of stuff, but couldn’t get past that last volcanic rock.

4 2 4

Could have done with some sound! Idea was awesome, execution pretty good. Introducing new
ideas is done pretty well. There are a couple levels which are out of balance (809 Fyrelands I
had particular trouble with). Also had a crash, but only after finishing.

4 4 3

Fun game, although some levels are a bit frustrating, but I'm glad you chose to unlock the next
level even if the previous level wasn't completed successfully. I wish there was sound and
music though.