PyWeek - Ninja Tower - feedback

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4 3 3

Nice game. Would be fun to play with someone else.

The whistling tune at the start was funny, and I liked the tutorial/intro.

5 5 4

Nice Job!

3 2 3


3 4 3

It's kind of cool but I didn't really get into the gameplay. I also had to silence it in order to keep it from getting a segmentation fault, which is too bad. :(

1 1 1 yes

Segmentation fault

in My Ubuntu 9.10 i386

3 2 3 yes

godfryd@ubik: ~/PyWeek-10-finals/ninja-tower/ninja-tower-1.0.2godfryd@ubik:~/PyWeek-10-finals/ninja-tower/ninja-tower-1.0.2$ ./
Segmentation fault

3 4 4

Har Har it's ninja time :)
I can onmly imagine he fun to play it with another guy. Because there is currently no one to play with, i had to play it alone. But it was really great and your really made a polished game. The helpscreens are nice and the game mechanics are awesome. For me this is one of the best entries this PyWeek!

3 4 5

loved the art style.. crazy fast gameplay.

4 2 3

I would love to see this game fleshed out. Serious potential here; spent more time on this one than any of the others =D

3 3 3 yes

Sorry I don't really see a connection with the theme. The game itself is lovely, I like the concept and your artwork and sounds seem to match well .

4 5 4

Brilliant! only one snag... to be able to play only one player vs. the computer.
The rest I think is perfect: very detailed.

3 4 4 yes

The controls got a little getting used to, other than that - nice game. Loved the sfx.

Unfortunately I didn't see how this fitted with the theme...

4 5 5

awesome graphics style and really fun to play

4 2 3 yes

Fun, but disappointing that there was no wibbly-wobblyness.

4 4 5

Great sound track!

3 3 2

The goal wasn't clear to me but it was fun, the characters moved well even though the "ninja-rope" was hard to get a hang of.

5 4 5

The best game I've tried so far. The controls were a bit hard to master, and I had to decrease the horizontal resolution to be able to play the game. Otherwise, very well done.

4 4 3

Nice game.

2 3 3

Intro and final screens are nice, but the in-game graphics are a bit disappointing by comparison. I like the way the score bar falls in from the side and turns into the final screen, it's a nice surprise.

4 3 2

fun gameplay and funnier sound, there's some originality there

2 4 4

nice idea, after all