PyWeek - Navigating The Data - feedback

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3 2 4

This was cool! It's a very interesting idea. Wish it was longer though. Giving a text hint is a
nice touch, given that the data is incomplete. I would like to have played more levels of this.

1 1 1 yes

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3 2 4

no music, no sound

4 2 5

I love this idea. The histogram thing was really cool and I would have loved to see more levels.
You should totally finish this out!

3 2 4

Cool idea, and I found it fun to play for the short time it lasted. Very unpolished, though, and
the idea could be developed much further, I think.

2 2 3

Interesting concept.

2 3 3

Interesting puzzle concept.

2 3 4

Cool idea having to follow the histograms and text clues on getting through the level, great
interpretation of the theme. For what you got working the game had decent production values,
just a shame couldn’t get more levels. I liked the idea.

4 2 4

Cool concept, kinda short and could use some polish.

2 2 3

This is a cool idea. I like the concept of trying to navigate using the data rather than the
normal visuals. It is quite a challenge on the last couple of levels. Looks like it could be
quite interesting given a bit more time!

3 2 4

I didn't find the implementation of this unusual idea too frustrating, but it was way too
short. I liked the static effect.

3 3 5

5 points for innovation. I image a bigger game being a sim of some kind.

3 2 4

Very interesting game idea. The histograms don't always hold show the data in a way that makes a
lot of sense (horizontal one shows from top instead of bottom), which made level 2 somewhat
difficult, but it would probably be really good if you continue working on it.

3 1 4

Very innovative and relatively fun game. And no I don't hate it, I'd like to see real game out of