PyWeek - nanite_fight - feedback

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4 3 4

An interesting different class of game

2 3 4

The idea looks good, but the implementation doesn't grab me. Partly this because there seems to be little benefit to anything beyond a simple "move-turn-shoot" style program. This might be addressed by separating the game into "create program" and "run program" phases, so there's more time to consider the options when creating a program.

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Engaging and cerebral, but difficult to see why your nanite is losing, and more exotic strategies (eg. fast but naïve) rarely seem to pay off against aggressive, scan-heavy nanites. Could use a tourney mode (play 100 or 1000 games between two scripts, with random starting conditions, then print aggregate statistics.)

5 5 5


3 4 4

Production and Innovation was very good. But simple things are made complex in this game. You can play once or twice. difficult to come back as it does not look straight-forward gameplay.

3 4 3

Excellent programmable arena. This must be an internet championship.

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I would like to give you a redundancy award about "Programming a programming game", but didn't find a nice image.
Well done but probabily not so fun for most of people. Me included.

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1 1 1

4 3 5

i loved the idea of live coding by drag and drop. awesome game.

3 4 3

Cool. I think the sensor operations needed to be made cheaper and more effective.

4 4 5

great idea. hard, so tutorial would be helpful, but still loved it

4 4 3

This game lacks tutorial. It has a lot of options which should be served one at a time. I really
enjoy playing it.

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too much complicated

3 2 4

Cool concept but kind of hard to work with and no preset challenges

1 2 2

this is not a game, this is torture.

2 3 2

You clearly put a lot of effort into this, but I feel like I've seen this kind of game many times before, and it's never all that much fun. For me anyway. I thought the connection to the theme was pretty weak. But like I said, well executed.

3 3 4

From the description, this sounded like exactly the kind of game I should enjoy. Unfortunately, it didn't grab me -- the editing tools are too slow to keep up with the pace of the changing game board.

2 3 3

I like this kind of game, but there should be a pause button. It makes all the difference!

3 4 4

Good game, very innovating.

Network version must be great.

3 3 4

Neat concept. Steep learning curve. I like that you will be posting scores during judging.

There are a lot of possibilities for gameplay here, but beyond figuring out how it works, I'm not really motivated to explore. I recommend incorporating challenges into the gameplay, for example defeating different pre-made scripts, or levels with different winning criteria. If the player has a sense of forward-moving progress with the game, then the player will be motivated to continue playing.

5 3 4

Exceptionally fun. I kept coming back and back to it non-stop yesterday. You should consider polishing it up and releasing it commerically or something. Great fun.
I was going to focus on the bad points, because its so good, but I couldn't think of any :P