PyWeek - Naja - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
3 5 4

high-quality production, looks like an end product. challenging

2 3 4

I enjoyed/grasped the tutorial but the first puzzle of standard-level gameplay I entered
threw in some new chess-based rules that confused me a bit (unfamiliar with chess). The game
looked, functioned, and sounded really nice aside from some over-crowding.

3 3 4

There was a whole lot going on in this game - you definitely worked on putting together some
unique gameplay. The screen got a little busy but I see how all of it was necessary.

3 4 3


3 4 5

I was impressed by the strategic depth of this game.

2 4 3

Pretty complicated for a slow person like me! But it certainly was well polished, and seemed to
have a lot of features.

3 3 5

Really complicated but the challenge level was about right. Once I figured out you just need to
focus on keys first and your options will open up, it wasn't too bad.

4 5 5

Impressive level of polish on this one -the benefits of taking on something simple that can be
refined are clear. Im not usually a fan of puzzle games but this is a great entry, well done.

4 5 4

Very nice.

1 3 4

I feel like I'm not smart or patient enough to really understand this puzzle, but I do
appreciate the amount of thought that went into it and the general design work.

4 3 5

This is a very unique puzzle game. I think its unwise to rely on the player realizing that the
icons of chess pieces, are in fact designating movement as such pieces. After wrapping my head
around the concept, I definitely found enjoyment in trying to figure out where I should go to
get points. I managed to get two before I gave up. I'd say this is one of the best examples of an
8-bit theme in the whole compo. The music was a little short for the time I spent looking at the
board. The graphics were very chunky and 8-bit looking, but I found them overall to be a little
too noisy graphically/pictographically. A little too information dense.

3 3 4

The game is an excellent interpretation of the theme, but in this particular case most of the
chiptune songs didn't fit too well and after a while I had to turn off my speakers because it was
really annoying and repetitive :( The game didn't require sound to be played, so it wasn't the
end of the world, but still affects the end result. I found a little bit difficult to understand
the color codes in the tiles so you know where you can move or not. After some time with the
introductory level I got the mechanics and it's an interesting game, but not my cup of tea.
Despite my comments I think this is a very solid entry. Congratulations!

2 3 5

The concept is nice but the game is a little too much boring, sorry :(

3 4 4

Great game, one of the best! Graphics is bit of bad but nothing else. Great music!

4 5 4

This is a pretty cool concept. It's a good challenging game that makes you think. I like it!

4 4 5

Very clever. It wasn't particularly fun, but it was clever, and well executed.