PyWeek - nagslang - feedback

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4 5 4

Well, I didn't finish. I've only gotten 3 keycards so far. But there's 10 minutes left before
judging ends so I better call it. Overall really good job. I like the puzzles so far, my only
complaint is that sometimes it felt like it took a long time to do once I figured them out.

3 4 3

5 4 4

Very nice. soooooo many deaths and level restarts due to crates being knocked. great job!

4 5 5

Very good game

4 4 4

I'm terrible at it but it's fun! Controls are a bit floatier than I'd like.

5 5 4

Wow! Amazing work!

4 4 3

Quite the behemoth entry! The teams techical skills are evident, though I dont think the
engine was used to the fullest. Overall very good entry.

3 4 3

Not sure what the goal is in the game, not sure what to do after finding the white and yellow key.

3 3 4

Love the character and backstory. The combat seemed a bit hard to control, I pretty much just
died straight away. The level seemed quite big and I didn't know where to go, some guidance
might have helped.

5 4 4

"This was a very complete and fun game. You managed to get a very large amount of gamplay in for a
single week! I like the overall presentation style - the playable character was nice and the
transition to weirwolf was very well done. I also liked the sliding block puzzles. These were
well introduced and well designed. The control of the character was good but I noticed a few
things. When you run into a wall you bounce off. This doesn't really feel right for the movement
of a person (or wolf!). Using the physics engine for block movement is a cool idea but does
result in some frustration trying to push the small blocks in a straight line. There are also
some points where you can get the block on a wall with no way to pull it away. Also with the large
blocks you can get the block slightly offset from the ""path"" and then have to run around an
nudge it by a pixel or two. I can start to understand why Zelda and other games have these blocks
pushed on a grid! Overall though this is excellent with plenty of variety of gameplay
presented in a consistent style. Great job!"

3 4 2

Nice game, just not as engaging.

4 4 4

AWESOME. I really loved the game. The transformation, the weapons, the puzzles, the aliens,
... well done! The only thing I think it could be better is the "inertia" of the objects,
including the werewolf (that tends to get a little bit out of control; but IT IS a werewolf, so
fair enough). I had to repeat a couple of puzzles very carefully because of this and I think it
adds some extra unnecessary difficulty to the game. Congratulations, one of the best entries
of this PyWeek!

4 4 4

very impressive levels and very well polished!

3 5 4


3 4 4

I liked the concept of playing as a werewolf with different capabilities in wolf and human

3 4 2

Well made and quite playable. It is a decent adventure game engine. The actual adventure has
good humor, but is not interesting. It is little more than a demo. "Look, the engine supports
keycards and pushing crates." The puzzles don't even make a good use of the werewolf
transformation. They physics simulation seems unnecessary too, it just makes pushing
things around more awkward. Possible bug: I think I put the sheep in their pens but the sheep
puzzle never unlocked for me. Also the game crashes if I kill with the claw (pistol works
though). The error message is: Aborting due to Chipmunk error: This addition/removal cannot
be done safely during a call to cpSpaceStep() or during a query. Put these calls into a
post-step callback. Failed condition: !space->locked