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4 3 2

Great mood.

3 3 3

This needs a shooting sound.

3 3 3

found a bug - the game crashes if I try to shoot before the first zombie appears

4 4 3

loved the static textures, i may do that in one of my games. powerups and variety in obstacles between levels made a fairly straightforward shooter stand out. the tar then feather could have been done a little better, maybe have a bonus score popup to show the effect of the feather blast. overall style was fun, the cheesy voice acting fit in well.

5 4 4

I kept coming back to this game to play for entertainment between rating the other pyweek games. Despite it being a genre I generally avoid (because I'm not very good at it), I thoroughly enjoyed Angel-G.

I usually try to put suggestions for improvements in here, but nothing specifically comes to mind. I loved the narrator, though -- maybe more of that. :-)

3 3 2

Quite fun shooter, could've had a nicer 'feel' to it though..

2 3 2

The game can crash if you use up all your featherpowers. I liked the level texture thing, even if it didn't match up with all the other graphics.

4 4 2

Game crashed near the beginning of level 2 Traceback (most recent call last): File
"", line 59, in results = src.main.Game(difficulty).run(player, screen) File
"/path/games/pyweek9/Angel-G/src/", line 38, in run results =
self._play(player, _SCORES[i], screen, i, i + 1, results, keys) File
"/path/games/pyweek9/Angel-G/src/", line 72, in _play return, keys) File "/path/games/pyweek9/Angel-G/src/", line 224,
in run (complete, action, feathered_zombies) = self._tick(_keys) File
"/path/games/pyweek9/Angel-G/src/", line 637, in _tick new_points = 10000 *
feathered_zombie_count * self._player.multiplier * zombie.level UnboundLocalError:
local variable 'zombie' referenced before assignment Interesting graphics Fun gamep
Everything fits Hard to read font but compensated by it being read in some cases.

4 4 3

Fun game.

5 5 5

Great game! I just barely finished Casual with one life left. That final gauntlet is murder! It
took me quite some time to figure out what all the multipliers and bonuses did. I think you could
have introduced them one at a time to make things easier to comprehend, but it wasn't too bad as
is. I like how the animation is different when you're moving up or down. I held Shift down the
entire game. Why don't you just make him move that fast normally? I really liked how you messed
with my perception: just when I was used to the idea that I was moving forward even though the
background wasn't changing, you had blocks go the other way!

Oh, and you obviously had a lot of fun with the voiceover. Nice work.

2 3 3


3 3 3

The 'scrolling outline but not filling' is original but I feel it subtracts from the game value ( spatial orientation confusion ?)

2 3 1

There is tar, but no feathers!

3 4 4

Nice production and UI effects/voiceovers - game is ok as well, but didn't seem like the highlight, unfortunately :S

3 3 2

I didn't like your textures!

3 3 3


4 3 1

The entire thematic approach is fun. The game itself is playable too.

4 3 3

Your narrator sounds like an an overly theatrical Scottish vampire who's somehow caught a cold. ;-)

2 3 3

Things don't quite seem to be rendering properly for me -- the angel and enemies are all surrounded by rectangular blocks. (Python 2.5, MacOSX 10.4.10, dual 1.25GHz PPC, Radeon 9000 Pro)

3 3 2

Not bad shooter - quite fun - liked the static bg textures with moving blocks :)

4 4 4

Fun and fairly innovative game play that fits it well with the theme. Tarring and feathering the demons is fun! Nice voice work in audio. Best game of PyWeek for me so far!

4 4 3

3 3 1

Bog standard side-scroller. Really disorienting background textures.

4 4 3

A nice shooter.
I like that you can get different guns and shields.
Also, the into with spoken works is nice, as well as the scrolling with fixed textures.

5 4 4

Potentially great shmup, and really pleasureful to play - it still has significantly weak drawings to be fixed and improved, but some blitting effects shows how this game can be improved without further effort needed. Of course playing and analysing lots of indie and old historic games (specially japanese ones) can help a lot! But the development is in a very good track, and if the same authors do an awesome entry at Pyweek10 would be not a surprise!