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Congrats on getting a finished game. A tutorial round would make the game easier to

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I didn't really understand the mechanics and what was needed to win.

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I was falling asleep playing this game. I managed to win, but I have no idea how I won. I guess it
can't be helped if you only had 10 hours.

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Not bad for a game written under such tight time constraints. Much of the impression of the
gameplay suffers from the UI, which is rather clunky.

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I think the game was a bit overcomplicated. Simplifying the game but improving the
descriptions, and printing more feedback, would have made the game more rewarding.

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Text-based card game sounds innovative.

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I would have liked an indication of the score up to that point in the game. In the end I find it is
too much of a game of chance. But maybe I'm just playing bad :).

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I like what you did with the little time you had. It is an interesting concept, for which I
boosted innvation.

More story or drama worked into the card play, even in the form of text, would have helped
immensely. Perhaps there just wasn't time this, as suggested by your diary entries.

I am certain I would have had a lot more fun if there were graphical elements, nice art, sfx. I
noticed especially that in-game feedback was missing to tell me how I was doing during the
game. I had no sense of whether I made a good choice or not. One can't help but to expect more from a
computer game because so much more can be done with the computer versus pieces of cardboard.

Please accept this as constructive feedback. It would be great if you developed this further,
because I feel it is a rather good foundation for something more. In just 10 hours you have
turned out something playable, with an amusing back story and help file. Myskolaget has
promise! Nice work. :)

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I've seen a few card game entries here and in Ludum Dare. It's pretty much impossible to make
them fun and easy to play. There's just so much complicated stuff you have to keep in mind. Your
rule set is especially dizzying. Having said that, I think you had a pretty good idea with the
inventions giving bonuses to other inventions. I wonder if you could have instead made a
solitaire simulation game where you build a tech tree using these cards.

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Not bad for 10 hours! Could have done with some in-game explanation of the rules and tougher
opponents I think. Also, you misspelled "improved by" :/

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this game requires a lot of imagination to play it :-)