PyWeek - Multiverse Factory 19 - feedback

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3 4 3

Pretty fun! I think this can be a bit challenging because you can't see much ahead in front of
you, especially in the dark levels, so sometimes hitting things was a matter of luck. But this
was fun anyway, and overall the game felt quite polished.

4 4 5

Really good job. Creative interpretation of the theme. Although the graphics are rough
around the edges, this feels like a really complete game. I especially like the menu screen.
The mechanics are pretty good. I like the way the bike handles, and the pizza cutters move. It's
fun when you're cruising down the street avoiding obstacles, but this dies a bit when you make a
mistake and have to pick up your dropped passengers. I gave up when I dropped the nine
passengers in level 5. It's just not maneuverable enough to pick them all back up before you're
sure to get hit again. But overall I had fun with this one.

2 3 1

Cute graphics, but clunky controls. The connection to the theme is _very_ tenuous (if there
was actually only room for one customer on the bike, fine, but as is, it doesn't feel like the
game has anything to do with the theme at all; scoring low on innovation because of that).

3 3 4

Room for one, good one.

3 4 3

That was weird. And funny. And those stupid humans... So irritating ! So yep, pretty

1 1 1 yes

pygame.font.SysFont shells out to a command that apparently never terminates on my system.

4 3 3

Wow, very hard game in later levels…

Very nice. Only your PR guy seems rather unmotivated ;)

2 4 3

I really liked the perspective on the trees and would have liked to see that kind of detail on
some of the other game objects. The collision detection was pretty hard to deal with. I had to
stop playing after getting stuck on a tree for the 45th time. It makes sense to just stop the
player when they hit something, but you have to take into account the player trying to steer
away from the obstacle and either let them slide or reverse.

3 3 3

I gave the pizza cutters a wide berth, they were tough. Getting people onto the bike was a bit

4 4 4

"Great game. I love the use of the competition theme and I like the way that all the elements seem
to be consistent with your overall presentation. The bike physics and the motion of the
different enemy types (was that a pizza cutter?) are really well done. The sound of the engine
worked really well also. Ran with a very smooth framerate. I could imagine this working really
well on a phone!"

2 3 3

The concept of the game is kind of cool. I like the music ... don’t really get the one room theme
(felt like a bit of a stretch). Strange setting and use of graphics. Have to be honest and say
it's not the sort of game I would like anyway.

4 4 4

I enjoyed playing it. The music and sounds are nice, and the controls are pleasant. Sometimes
you get stuck in some cutters (their bounding box seem bigger then their sprite), but as this is
part of the challenge I accept it :-)

3 3 3 yes

I actually enjoyed swerving the bike around, and the light and the 3D trees, but the game itself
didn't exactly flow; there were too many obstacles to get speed up. Also didn't follow the

1 2 1

Good job.

3 5 2

It only works if run from command line, windows users.